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Ask An Angel

Ziad Moukheiber, President and CEO of Boston Harbor Angels, will be featured in TCN’s upcoming Ask An Angel session.

Founders, want to get real-time feedback from angel investors without the pressure of a formal pitch session? Wondering how coronavirus will impact startup fundraising? Want to get some clarity on market strategy, resources, and fundraising tips?

The Capital Network is hosting an online Q&A session with experienced angel investors to give you the opportunity to ask your burning questions […]

Here are the top angel groups between the coasts

The economic upheaval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has created a once-in-a-generation surge of startups across the U.S. According to government data and a Goldman Sachs report, the share of Americans starting new businesses has risen sharply in 2020.

Boston Harbor Angels on the list of top angel groups. Read more >>

YSIF December 10th: How to Raise Angel Capital

Panel featuring Ziad Moukheiber, President and CEO of Boston Harbor Angels.

TOPIC: How to Raise Angel Capital
HOST: Dr. James Boyle, Exec. Director of Venture Development, OCR
MODERATOR: Kristin King, MBA, VP of Corporate Development & Strategy: Defibtech
• Ziad H. Moukheiber: President and CEO, Boston Harbor Angels Inc.
• Anthony Gellert: Founder, Livingston Ventures

Learn more >>

A Time to be Thankful!

This is the time of year when we count our blessings!

We are blessed to have such a great community and especially during these difficult times. The year 2020 will be one of the toughest!

This is also a time to support our partner BUILD!

Please take a moment and make a donation for Thanksgiving!

Thank you to our partners, entrepreneurs, members and team from the Boston Harbor Angels!

Supporting Entrepreneurs

Ziad Moukheiber President of Boston Harbor Angels is speaking and participating on panels and workshops at Yale University, Babson College and The Technology Institute of Monterey in Mexico to help entrepreneurs better understand fundraising and the angel investing ecosystem.

“Entrepreneurs often times know their businesses very well and need some support navigating the fundraising world, especially the angel investing industry” says Ziad Moukheiber.

The Boston Harbor Angels community of members is always involved in helping entrepreneurs at all levels and at […]

The Active Fund at Boston Harbor Angels

Boston Harbor Angels launched in 2018 an investment platform for its members and accredited investors ” The Active Fund”.

The Active Fund allows members and accredited investors to invest and support startups in the Boston Harbor Angels ecosystem.

“The Active Fund is a private platform allowing a lot of flexibility to our members” said Ziad Moukheiber President of Boston Harbor Angels.

Investing for a Better World

For over 15 years the Boston Harbor Angels have been investing in companies that are making the world a better place through their innovation and hard work.

Ziad Moukheiber President of BHA said “One of my favorite questions our members always ask is , how does your company make the world a better place?”. #investinginabetterworld

My Favorite Angel Group

David Friend, serial entrepreneur, has had a long relationship with Boston Harbor Angels since “The Carbonite days.” His latest startup, Wasabi Technologies, a hot storage company, is considered one of the hottest and most promising startup in Boston.

During his latest visit to Boston Harbor Angels, David said “Boston Harbor Angels is my favorite angel group.”

Ziad Moukheiber, President and CEO of Boston Harbor Angels, shared, “When entrepreneurs keep coming back to the group and become friends it is a true […]