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UA scientists invent technology to help legally blind see better

A University of Arizona scientist helped create eyewear technology that is changing the way people with low vision see the world. Optical sciences professor Hong Hua, along with graduate student Jason Kuhn, invented a breakthrough optical technology that has enabled the creation of electronic goggles, called eSight 3, which project magnified images that are channeled through a person’s eyes. Read more >>

Rapid Lyme test developed at Cornell could be ‘major breakthrough’ in treatment

The test would quickly confirm the presence of the bacteria that causes Lyme, rather than waiting for weeks for a patient’s body to develop the antibodies that current tests detect, Cornell said.

“It’s a major breakthrough, ”said Joel Tabb, president and co-founder of Ionica Sciences, the private company working on the test. Ionica is housed at Cornell’s McGovern Center, which serves as an incubator for businesses. Read more >>

Canadian Olympian gold medal Bruny Surin Assessed by KneeKG, Becomes Brand Ambassador

Emovi, Inc. today announced that Canadian Olympian Bruny Surin, a KneeKG™ patient, has joined as an official Brand Ambassador and spokesperson for KneeKG, the first in-clinic device that meets the global need for measuring knee function with objective and quantifiable data associated with mechanical knee markers and functional deficiencies. Read more >>

Credit union adopts digital piggy bank benefit for student loan repayment

A latte costs $4.50 — round it up to $5 even and that extra 50 cents can help employees pay off their student debt years sooner. UMassFive College Federal Credit Union is experimenting with such a benefit. The credit union’s new student loan repayment benefit uses change from employees’ personal purchases to pay down the interest of student loans. Read more >>

BrandVerge Appoints Former NBCUniversal Executive Scott Schiller to Advisory Board; Unveils Latest Product Features

BrandVerge, a premium advertising marketplace for media buyers and sellers, today announced the appointment of Scott Schiller, Digital Media Executive, formerly of NBCUniversal, to its all-star Advisory Board. The company is celebrating a successful first year in business, experiencing 30 percent month-over-month growth, adding 257 active accounts to its platform. Read more >>

Carbonite Names Executive Team

Newly appointed COO, CPO, CTO and Interim GC to accelerate Carbonite’s integration of Webroot. Results-driven leadership team to deliver on vision of a combined data protection and cybersecurity solution for SMB and mid-market. Read more >>

Rapid Lyme disease test may be available in late 2020

The drawn-out process for diagnosing Lyme disease could become a thing of the past – good news for the thousands of people each year who get the tick-borne illness. A new detection test created by Ionica Sciences – located at Cornell’s McGovern Center life sciences incubator – has been sparked by a FuzeHub grant to begin moving from the laboratory bench into approvals, production and doctors’ offices. Read more >>