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Helping a child see for the first time

“She went from, I would say her name and she would look right at to me to just looking around, I could see her in her swing and her eyes would just wonder, and one day my mom put her up to the light and she didn’t flinch or close her eyes or anything so that’s when we figured something wasn’t right,” said Woodard.
Her mom started doing research and found “eSight” a company that makes high tech glasses for […]

Legally blind Manchester man seeks help for goggles that will change his life

Mark A. Littlefield was born legally blind. After 57 operations to both eyes, the Manchester resident said he gained some sight, but the world has remained a blur for his 45 years.
That all changed last week, when he ventured to Massachusetts to try on a pair of eSight glasses — and clearly saw Sasha, his wife of three years, for the very first time. Read more >>