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Wilmington clinic to demonstrate electronic glasses for visually impaired

A clinic to demonstrate the eSight adaptive device will be held April 12-13 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Advance registration is required.

A clinic to preview the new eSight — adaptive eyewear that can give some legally blind people near-normal vision — will be held April 12-13 in the fellowship hall at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 12 N. 6th St. Read more >>

Once legally blind, now 20/20

This past month has been nothing short of miraculous in the personal and professional life of K.C. Ryder, a resident of the Mulberry community.

Legally blind since age 19, Ryder acquired a pair of eSight 3 electronic glasses in January and now reads with 20/20 acuity. Simply looking out her living room window is now a revelatory experience. Read more >>

Making Technology Accessible

Many zany and futuristic gadgets made their premiere at last week’s CES 2019. While much of the technology debuted at the show was geared toward luxury and progress, numerous cutting-edge innovations were designed specifically for people with disabilities. This change in direction exhibits the ways that the tech industry is shifting more focus on accessible technology so everyone can enjoy products on the market.

A fine model of this shift is a product from eSight. Read more >>