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Bible Hill woman hopes to raise funds for a device that can enhance her vision

Most of us take such things for granted – reading print at a comfortable distance, identifying which car is yours in the parking lot or comprehending what another person is doing just across the room.
For Tammy Martin, the ability to perform such feats stirs a sense of awe.
Tammy was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, a condition where the optic nerves are underdeveloped. She has poor depth perception and everything appears very small, as if she were a considerable distance […]

VisionCorps offers visually impaired chance to try eSight & NuEyes electronic smart glasses

On Oct. 5, VisionCorps is inviting the public to come try electronic smart glasses designed to help those with severe visual impairments see better.
The VisionCorps Foundation purchased one eSight and three NuEyes units to use for demonstrations and studying their impact on workers at the VisionCorps manufacturing, food processing and administrative businesses. Read more >>

Eyewear Industry Moving towards Building Smart Glasses Equipped with Sensors

For instance, eSight has developed the electronic glasses that can help people with limited vision who cannot see with ordinary glasses or lenses. The glasses developed by eSight transmits images from the camera to a small internal screen. These images are transferred in such a way that it beams the video into the person’s peripheral vision. Read more >>