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With community’s help, legally blind Springfield teen now can see world through new electronic glasses

Reilly Gault, 15, has been legally blind for the majority of his life.
But on Friday evening, that all changed — Gault now can see.
Gault, 15, recently asked the community for some help to raise $10,000 so he could purchase computerized glasses that allow him to see the world through a new and clearer lens. The community responded with a resounding “yes” and donated more than enough to cover the cost of the electronic glasses, made by Canadian-based company eSight. […]

Middleton Samaritan hopes to see again

After stopping to help someone on the freeway, and getting hit himself, Jamie Harrell spent about two months in the hospital. He is recovering now but hopes to see again after the accident left him legally blind.
Jamie and Nena are now trying to raise funds to be able to buy eSight glasses which will help him see again. Read more >>

A Wearable Tech Miracle For the Legally Blind

For Conrad Lewis, the founder of eSight, the project is close to the heart. Lewis grew up with two legally blind sisters. He studied engineering and was determined to utilize his knowledge to create glasses that could improve his sisters’ vision. After years of research, multiple patented innovations, tens of millions of dollars, and clinical tests on legally blind people, Lewis’ miracle glasses are now available to everyone. Read more >>

A Vision of Gratitude

Though sometimes called electronic glasses, the eSight 3 isn’t a pair of spectacles but actually an augmented-reality headset, resembling a less-bulky version of a virtual-reality headset. Read more >>

Watch as legally blind boy sees clearly for the first time

This Thanksgiving, gratitude is being served us as never before by one Sandusky family. It’s the first holiday, the first family gathering in which their 7-year-old boy will be able to look across the table and see clearly the faces of his loved ones.
When we first heard about Bentley Koch and his eSight glasses, we were wowed by the technology. But then we found something even greater than the science that is transforming his life. It’s the power in […]

Fellow Miami Dolphins fan could use our help

Bradly is seeing specialists for eSight Eyewear and is trying to get a pair of the eSight glasses. What the glasses do is simple. It take what we normally see and condenses that picture into an image that fits in the visual range of Mr. Coots. Currently that central range is an 8% field of vision. Read more >>

Time Magazine Names eSight 3 as One of the Best Inventions of 2017

eSight, the developer of breakthrough electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see, is proud to have been named by Time magazine as one of the “Best Inventions of 2017.” Time’s annual compilation seeks out world-leading and cutting-edge technologies that are making the world “better, smarter and — in some cases — a lot more fun.” Read more >>

Electronic glasses help blind woman see 20/20

“Oh! It’s working,” Belskis said, as she turned on her brand new electronic glasses made by eSight.
In Belskis’ case, she can see 20/20 when they’re on. The glasses have a high-speed camera that captures everything the user is looking at. They display a video on two OLED screens in front of the user’s eyes. Read more >>