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New school and a new view for Avah

As Avah Moody joined the rest of the soon-to-be sixth graders being welcomed to the Somersworth Middle School Wednesday she was seeing things very clearly.
Moody was born with an eye condition called optic nerve hypoplasia. With 20/1200 vision, she is legally blind, but with the help of cutting edge technology, called eSight, the 10 year old can see in whole new way. Read more >>

Best Tech of 2017 So Far (eSight)

xThere’s a growing consensus among the technological cognoscenti that we’re in a “boring” period for gadgets. Some have long argued that “software is eating the world,” a.k.a. there’s no interesting hardware because iteration has trumped innovation.
But, nah, not so much. Yes, our smartphones are replacing lots of standalone gadgets we used to carry around. That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of interesting new hardware out there. Granted, that depends on expanding your definition of gadget to include, say, a […]