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Help For The Blind: Eyesight ‘restoration’ with VR

Resembling the visor worn by Geordi La Forge in Star Trek, the eSight 3 allows the legally blind to do just about anything that a fully sighted person is able to do, whether that’s reading the newspaper or playing basketball… Once you get over the impulse to perform painful Star Trek character impersonations. Our friends over at VRE (VR Hire in London) delve into the workings of the Esight headset. Read More >>

3 Game-Changing Health Gadgets Spotted at CES

In advance of CES, I was alerted to two products in this category that I wanted to check out. The first is called eSight, which are electronic glasses that let the legally blind see. In the demo I saw, a legally blind woman using these glasses could see the street from the 30th floor of a hotel suite and make out what people were wearing at street level. Read more >>