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These high-tech glasses let the legally blind see

eSight is releasing a new product on Tuesday that helps blind people see. The glasses, which look similar to a VR headset, work for 4 out of 5 legally blind people and the company already has more than a thousand users.
Recently, CNBC watched a 9-year-old boy try them on and clearly see for the first time. Read more >>

A device that helps blind people see

These high-tech eSight 3 glasses are helping legally blind people see. The visor-like headset uses high-speed, high-definition cameras to capture what the user is looking at.The device uses algorithms to enhance the video feed, and displays the video through eSight 3’s OLED screens in front of the users’ eyes. Read more >>

eSight headset provides gift of vision

Recently, Rachael Ray has given individuals with vision loss the ability to see their loved ones. While her cooking is certainly magic, she’s not talented enough to accomplish this feat on her own—she’s purchased an eSight headset.
After seeing Rachel Ray’s videos of this amazing device, I was sold. It helped a man with a degenerative eye condition see his girlfriend for the first time on her show, which prompted the most heartfelt proposal ever. It also allowed two guests […]

Students Hope to Share Gift of Sight with Parent

Heather Davis maneuvers around her home near Williamsport with fuzzy vision all the time. Heather has been legally blind since she was about 9 years old and prescription eyeglasses aren’t enough.
“It would have to be this close and I still can’t see it,” said Davis.
Jason Kaufman from Selinsgrove is also legally blind, that is, until he puts his eSight glasses on.
“With these, it brings a whole new world to somebody with a visual impairment,” said Kaufman.

A NEW HOPE: Gifts of charity bind professor, student

Ben Barnett, right, rode a bike across America in 2016 on a Journey of Hope. Later that year, he spearheaded a 24-hour bike ride to raise funds to replace an eSight reader for professor Joey Arnold, who’d lost his in a devastating house fire. When Barnett’s beloved bike was stolen, Arnold and his family returned the gift, raising funds to purchase a new bike. Today, the pair shares a bond of charity and hope. Read more >>

Community continues to help attain vision-restoring technology

Williams County and northwest Ohio came together last winter to help legally blind man Ben Murray of Melbern raise funds for a vision-restoring technology called eSight and the community has not stopped giving since.
This year, the area learned of two legally blind young people whose families hoped to purchase the pricey and not-covered eSight as well: Brady Hohl of Wauseon, 9, and Kasandra Romero, 15, of Montpelier. Read more >>

Guilford teen hopes for high tech way to see the world

A Guilford teen has suffered severe vision loss his entire life but he’s getting closer to being able to see with the help of technology.
Alex Russello, 16, was born with optic atrophy. His mother said his optic nerves didn’t fully develop, so it limits his vision.
His only chance of seeing is having objects a couple of inches from his face. In order to watch TV, he has to pull up a chair in front of it.
eSight glasses give Alex, and […]

Glasses From eSight Help Legally Blind Indianapolis Colts Fan See First Game

Scott Reese is a longtime Indianapolis Colts fan, but he didn’t see the team win Super Bowl XLI or Peyton Manning claim the single-season touchdown record in 2004. Because Reese is legally blind, he wasn’t even able to see the games on TV.
But he was able to watch the action for the first time Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium thanks to a pair of eSight glasses. The Colts learned about Reese’s story and provided him with sidelines tickets and […]