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New techology offers area woman the hope of regaining sight

For the past nine years, Charlotte Baker has had one dream. Her vision is restored and her life returns to normal.
Normal would mean Baker working in her kitchen, preparing the Mexican food dishes that are her specialty. Or traveling with Ken Baker, her husband of 47 years. Seeing her children, grandchildren and now, a new great-grandchild.
She misses the ability to do even mundane tasks that she used to take for granted when she had her sight.
Cleaning the house and […]

Blind Jazz fan wears special glasses to watch game for first time

The Utah Jazz teamed up with Vivint to help super fan Landon Carter see his favorite team for the first time at Friday’s playoff game vs. the LA Clippers.The 7-year-old Carter is legally blind with a condition called aniridia. The Jazz are testing new technology called eSight to help visually impaired fans see the games when they visit Vivint HomeSmart Arena. Read more >>

7-year-old gets eSight glasses to help vision

Payton Crum, a 7-year-old first grader, got her best surprise yet Tuesday — hi-tech glasses that will help improve her vision.
As a result of the surprise, she was able to clearly Easter eggs for the first time.
“I love how you can make it farther, bigger and colorful and stuff,” Crum said.
Crum filled her pink Easter basket. As her mother holds her hand, the 7-year-old can now control her vision.
“This thing right here, it zooms in and zooms out,” she […]

Airey seeks high tech vision aid

At a demonstration at the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, Andrew tested a pair of eSight glasses that showed promise.
“It was pretty amazing,” he said. “At the time, they were very heavy, but now there is a smaller, sleeker model.” Read more >>

Electronic Glasses Open New World For Legally Blind South Jersey Boy

Nine-year-old John Paul Corman, who is legally blind, is now experiencing the world through a device called eSight.
It processes images in real-time and allows John Paul to focus where he’s looking.
“eSight takes his little bit of vision and makes it better for him, it gives him more access to the visual world around him,” explains his mother Faye Corman. Read more >>

Donors help Barrington boy gain sight

Jon Paul Corman tried on his new high-tech glasses Thursday and had just one word to say: “Wow!”
In front of the third-grader’s eyes was a set of eSight Eyewear: a camera, a powerful computer and LED screens that help legally blind people see images in real time. As a company representative showed him how to use the technology, Jon Paul gazed around the hotel meeting room, swiveling his head to see his mother’s face, a laptop, a camera. Read more >>