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Technology gives legally blind Peoria boy a chance to fly

National Aviation Day isn’t a widely celebrated occasion, but it will be unforgettable nonetheless for Ryan Rusk.
The 12-year-old sixth grader at Lindbergh Middle School took to the skies Saturday with the help of an emerging technology that promises to have a vast impact on almost all aspects of his life.
Rusk is legally blind, but a pair of eSight glasses has restored a significant amount of his vision — enough to take the controls of an airplane as it soared […]

St. Peter’s student will receive gift of sight through Visual Bucket List Foundation

What is the cost of giving a little girl the gift of sight?
As it turns out, around $10,000.
That’s how much a pair of eSight glasses would cost for 7-year-old Remington Hedrick, an upcoming second-grader at St. Peter’s School in Mansfield, glasses that would allow her to recognize her parents’ faces, or sit on the couch with her family during movie nights. Read more >>

Brisbane boy needs $25k for US trip that could give him whole new outlook

Now the Geoghegan family is hopeful that new technology will allow Max to finally see the big cats at Dreamworld, and everything else he has missed out on, but it is rare and expensive.
eSight glasses are available in the United States, Canada and Europe, but not in Australia. They contain a high-quality camera which projects the wearer’s view onto two small screens in front of the person’s eyes, through a live video feed. Read more >>

Blind man, 51, watches his football team for the first time in 27 years thanks to pioneering glasses technology only to see them get thrashed 5-1

Brian Casey, 51, wears a groundbreaking visual aid technology called eSight
He went to watch Fleetwood Town for the first time only to see them thrashed 5-1
Mr Casey is the first legally blind person in Europe to wear the high tech glasses
They work by showing a live video feed directly in front of the user’s eyes


Hope in sight for one local family

While there is no medical cure for Stargardt’s disease, there are technologies available that are designed to make living with the disease easier. eSight is a Canadian based company that manufactures visors with an HD camera in the front and two smaller panels inside which allow the wearer to see straight ahead using his or her peripheral vision. Read more >>