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‘He loves them’: Special e-specs give blind boy a new lease on life

It’s a big day for Benny Francey.
He’s at the library in Selkirk, Man. for the first time with new specs.
“I can actually see complete detail,” Benny, 10, says.
The boy and his brother are living with a rare disease called Leber congenital amaurosis.
The condition means the boys can only see silhouette-like images.
The specs inside the case are eSight glasses from a startup in Toronto and cost $20,000 Canadian dollars — a hefty bill that was paid for by a GoFundMe […]

Hoping to see again, local woman seeks funds for $15,000 device

Three months ago, Donna Witcher, who is legally blind, walked outside her Torresdale home and identified a stop sign.
“It was amazing,” said Witcher, a buoyant 52-year-old. “I could actually see.”
The secret to her sudden vision? A high-tech headset called eSight, which employs a tiny camera that sends high-resolution video through a computer and back to small LED screens in front of the viewer’s eyes. Read more >>

Community raises $15K to help legally blind Independence boy see

Thanks to the community, a young boy is going to be able to see better than ever.
Corbin Wolfe’s family raised the $15,000 they needed for his eSight eyewear. They’ve ordered it, and it’s on its way.
All of Kansas City fell in love with 7-year-old after they saw a video of him trying on eSight for the very first time. It’s new technology using a camera and monitor to help people who are legally blind see. Read more >>

In focus: Anchorage 6th grader sees clearly for the first time thanks to new tech, community support

Imagine the whole world around you is a blur. That was reality for an Anchorage sixth grader who is now seeing clearly.
Rennick Heatwole, now 12, was born with an underdeveloped optic nerve. It’s a condition glasses and contacts can’t fix. He can’t see anything clearly unless it’s inches from his face, but that doesn’t stop him from playing football and soccer…
New technology has allowed Rennick to stay in his seat with the other students. It’s called eSight. The glasses […]

Incredible moment a blind 10-year-old boy lights up when he clearly sees his mom’s face for the first time thanks to new eSight glasses

This is the touching moment a blind 10-year-old Canadian boy was able to see his mother clearly for the first time.
Benny Francey, from Selkirk in Manitoba, suffers from an incredibly rare disease called Leber congenital amaurosis, which affects his eyesight.
Normally he can only see silhouettes, at best. However, thanks to a new set of high-tech electronic glasses, Benny’s eyesight has been cleared up, which means he has been able to see his loved ones properly.

Gift of Sight: Tammie Caldwell

The local Lions Club has helped Tammie Caldwell see better than she has in 20 years.
Last month, Caldwell received a pair of new electronic eSight glasses after the Raymondville Lions Club helped raise $15,000 to buy them.

Blind WI mom tries on glasses to see, hopes to read to kids

A mother in Wisconsin hopes to one day be able to read to her children. Right now, it’s difficult for her to do that since she is legally blind.
Stephanie Geiger from Grand Chute was diagnosed with Cone Rod Dystrophy at the age of 24. It’s difficult for her to see depth perception, certain colors, and details.
Recently, she got to try out eSight eyewear which uses high optics and resolution procession to improve eye sight. […]