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Sharp vision: New glasses help the legally blind see

Jeff Regan was born with underdeveloped optic nerves and had spent most of his life in a blur. Then four years ago, he donned an unwieldy headset made by a Toronto company called eSight. Suddenly, Regan could read a newspaper while eating breakfast and make out the faces of his co-workers from across the room. Read more >>

Dell partners with Ballet Austin, eSight to show ‘Nutcracker’ to the visually impaired

This holiday season, more than 20 Austinites experienced “The Nutcracker” with their own eyes, in a special live performance for the visually impaired. Dell Technologies partnered with Ballet Austin and eSight to create the Unseen Ballet, a Nutcracker performance where audience members of all ages with little to no eyesight could see the show through their own eyes, using glasses equipped with camera technology that creates a clearer, real-time image for the viewer. Read more >>

eSight 3 Approved on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Federal Supply Schedule

eSight, a world leader in vision technology, announced the approval of eSight 3 – advanced sight-enhancing glasses for those living with visual impairments — on the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Federal Supply Schedule (FSS). The registration allows eSight to be included on the FSS through December 2023. Read more >>

New VA-approved tech glasses could help a million blind and impaired veterans see

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs approved Canadian vision technology company eSight’s latest sight-enhancing glasses in a move to help legally blind and otherwise visually impaired veterans.The eSight 3 advanced sight-enhancing glasses were added to the VA’s Federal Supply Schedule and the company has already identified 130,000 legally blind veterans their new glasses can help. The company believes its eSight 3 glasses can also assist more than 1 million other veterans who suffer from visual impairments that complicate […]

eSight and CNIB Announce National Partnership to Benefit Canadians with Sight Loss

In honour of World Sight Day, eSight, a Canadian-based world leader in vision technology, is proud to announce a new partnership with CNIB, a non-profit organization driven to change what it means to be blind today. The partnership, the first of its kind for eSight, will expand access of its flagship product, eSight 3, to individuals living with sight loss in Canada. Read more >>