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100 of the world’s most promising start-ups to watch in 2019

Every year, CNBC scans the globe looking for the 100 venture-backed start-ups that have the potential to transform industries and become tomorrow’s household names. Our 2019 Upstart 100 list showcases young start-ups that are building and scaling businesses addressing the rapidly changing technological era we live in. List includes FutureFuel.io. Read more >>

A Crisis Like Student Debt Can Be An Opportunity For A Savvy Entrepreneur

…Laurel Taylor knew the problem firsthand. She is a former Google employee in Cambridge with a stellar credit score of over 800 and was offered a 9% interest rate on a student loan to finance her MIT Sloan MBA. Imagine what her interest rate would have been if she did not have a good credit score! And, how long it would take to pay back the loan. Read more >>

Credit union adopts digital piggy bank benefit for student loan repayment

A latte costs $4.50 — round it up to $5 even and that extra 50 cents can help employees pay off their student debt years sooner. UMassFive College Federal Credit Union is experimenting with such a benefit. The credit union’s new student loan repayment benefit uses change from employees’ personal purchases to pay down the interest of student loans. Read more >>

First Data adds new student loan reward benefit

First Data is offering a new benefit to 10,000 eligible employees to better enable them to pay down student loans. The financial services company is now allowing workers to earn performance rewards points to pay down their debt. The new program is offered in partnership with student loan benefit provider FutureFuel.io.Read more >>

How These Minority Founders Got Tech Execs to Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

When it comes to diversity, tech companies talk a big game. Their spending, however, tells a different story…Another way to tap into the power of peer recommendations? Attract — and more importantly, advertise that you attracted — venture investment. Barely 2 percent of venture capital dollars went to women founders in 2018. Tech executives know that, which is why they tend to take a second look at women founders who fight their way in.

One of those rarities is Laurel […]

VC Funding Roundup: 18 Startups Raise More than $315M in March

One quarter down, three to go.

With the start of the new season, Boston startups are looking flush with cash and full of renewed enthusiasm for projects. March was a notable month with some companies raising multimillion dollars in venture funding.

FutureFuel.io, a three-year-old fintech startup based in Back Bay, raised a $11.2 million Series A round. Read more >>