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FutureFuel.io Reaches New Student Debt Borrowers with Fiserv Partnership

FutureFuel.io, a technology firm that helps America’s 47.9 million borrowers crush their student loan debt, announced today a new partnership with Fiserv. This partnership will enable banks and credit unions to bring the FutureFuel.io student loan repayment platform to consumers, providing personalized, dynamic student debt management to millions of borrowers nationwide. Read more >>

Tax perks nudging employers to help pay workers’ student loans

By next year, many large companies will likely add that perk for their workers, after they’ve had time to amend their IRS Section 127 Educational Assistance Programs, said Laurel Taylor, CEO of FutureFuel.io, a company that works with employers and individuals on student loan debt. More than 70% of employers provide tuition reimbursement assistance to workers, making that a more common benefit than a 401(k) match, Taylor said.
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You Now Have More Time to Repay Student Loans. Here’s How to Take Advantage of This ‘Fantastic Opportunity’

If you have federal student loan debt, you now have approximately six months to prepare for payments on that debt to restart. Last week, President Joe Biden’s administration announced it is stretching out the moratorium on federal student loan payments until Jan. 31, 2022. “What a fantastic opportunity for borrowers to take more control of their finances,” says Laurel Taylor, CEO and founder of FutureFuel.io, a student debt repayment platform. “It will be near two years of payment suspension […]

Student Debt’s Devastating Impact on Retirement Saving: GRPAA Conference

Fintech and 401k-related ancillary services were front and center of the Global Retirement Partners Advisor Alliance (GRPAA) annual conference in Haines, Alaska.

Laurel Taylor, the founder of FutureFuel.io, began with a stark illustration surrounding student debt, a crushing issue with which many Americans currently wrestle. It wreaks havoc with so many other financial planning and saving goals, and she was called to address the problem due to personal experience. Read more >>

How Employers Can Help With Student Loan Debt

…Laurel Taylor, CEO and founder of FutureFuel.io, a technology platform that works with clients on student debt management and repayment needs, says she has noticed that some employers took up a provision of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act that allows plan sponsors to make $5,250 of tax-free contributions per employee toward eligible education expenses, including tuition or student loan assistance, without raising an employee’s gross taxable income. Read more >>

Investor Roundtable: The Fundraising Journey

Investor Roundtable: The Fundraising Journey

Hear firsthand from two founders, Laurel Taylor of FutureFuel.io and Marian Leitner-Waldman of Archer Roose about their journey to raise money for their ventures. Moderated by Ziad Moukheiber,   President of Boston Harbor Angels, this roundtable is a must for anyone looking to embark on a fundraising campaign and for those who teach and generate research around entrepreneurs          interested in venture capital to help accelerate their businesses.


Diana International Research Institute (DIRI) – Investor Roundtable: The Fundraising Journey Fireside Chat featuring Ziad Moukheiber


Join us for DIRI’s Investor Roundtable entitled The Fundraising Journey: A Fireside Chat featuring Ziad Moukheiber, President and CEO of Boston Harbor Angels as Moderator, Laurel Taylor of FutureFuel.io and Marian Leitner-Waldman of Archer Roose.

Ziad Moukheiber is CEO of Boston Harbor Angels, one of the leading angel investing groups in the US. He is also Managing Partner at BeaconHill Ventures LLC, an angel and early stage investment firm based in Boston Massachusetts focusing on Life Sciences and IT.

Laurel Taylor is the Founder, CEO and […]