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SXSW Accelerator Preview: Employers, Attract Better Talent By Paying Down Student Loan With FutureFuel

For decades students have joined the armed forces in hopes of attending college free or at a greatly reduced rate. Students going into the teaching profession can often find programs that will help pay down their debt or eliminate it all together.
Small and medium sized companies may think that they can’t offer student pay down as a benefit. A Boston startup called FutureFuel is making that possible. Read more >>

Two Boston finalists named for 2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event

From computers that can read human body language to teaching moms how to do computer coding, a wide variety of ideas are being peddled by the dozens of companies invited to pitch their business plans to a panel of expert judges at this year’s South by Southwest Accelerator Pitch Event…Two companies from Boston are in the mix: FutureFuel.io, a student debt-focused startup; and Nix, the maker of a hydration biosensor that informs athletes, soldiers, and laborers when to drink, […]