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Retail When Subscription Merchants Innovate With Plan Features

To make life easier for their customers, many businesses are adopting the subscription business model. From consumer goods and hardware to eCommerce and internet of things (IoT), innovators are allowing shoppers to have products and offerings regularly delivered to them. From Perennial to Green Piñata Toys, eCommerce innovators are tapping into the subscription business model to deliver goods to customers on a recurring basis. Read more >>

Shiva Kashalkar: Integrating Passion and Business to Create “Netflix” for Toys

When Shiva Kashalkar’s daughter was eight months old, she realized that she was paying several hundred dollars every month for toys that she would only play with for a few days. The clutter from unused toys drove her crazy. Talking with other parents, she learned this was a common issue and became inspired to start Green Piñata Toys. Read more >>