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Q&A: Premama’s appeal to new moms can be a crucial loyalty play

In the healthcare space, it’s a long-held tenet that the female heads-of-household, aka mom, is the primary purchaser of the OTC remedies and balms that cure whatever it is that ails you. So why not capture her loyalty from the beginning?
Premama is looking to do just that with a family of products that appeal to women and their spouses as they build a family, from trying to conceive through a successful pregnancy and the subsequent first years of infant […]

Premama® Achieves 700% Record Growth, Continuing to Fuel the Emerging Maternity Wellness Category

Premama®, the first nationwide line of natural powdered drink mixes and soft chews to support complete maternity wellness from preconception through pregnancy and beyond, today announced a record retail expansion, experiencing rapid growth from 1,100 to 7,700 retail distribution points since April 2015 and a significant 360% growth in sales from August 2015 to August 2016. Spearheading maternity wellness as a retail category, Premama has pioneered industry awareness and consumer demand with products for the entire maternity journey. Read […]