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Go Write the Ad: Tips from David Friend, CEO and Co-founder of Wasabi

The following post is from Antonette Ho, Group Operations Manager at Boston Harbor Angels.
Wasabi Wins IT Startup of the Year
This past December, the Boston Harbor Angels hosted its annual end-of-year general meeting. During the meeting, Wasabi was honored as IT Startup of the Year. Wasabi is a new cloud storage company. After the awards, Mic Williams, President and Founder of Boston Harbor Angels, interviewed David Friend, CEO and co-founder of Wasabi. During the interview, Friend shared some history about […]

Boston Harbor Angels Awards Portfolio Companies at Annual Meeting

Boston Harbor Angels, one of the top three elite angels groups in the US, recognized three portfolio companies at its annual end-of-year general meeting.
Exit of the Year Award: Corbus Pharmaceuticals on NASDAQ
Biotech Startup of the Year Award: Astrocytes Pharmaceuticals Inc.
IT Startup of the Year Award: Wasabi
The meeting featured interviews with Yuval Cohen, CEO of Corbus Pharmaceuticals and Mark Tepper, President & Chief Scientific Officer of Corbus Pharmaceuticals; and David Friend, CEO and co-founder of Wasabi.
The group also honored Mic […]

Price, Performance and Scale: Defining the New Possible

A big part of cloud computing is the basic issue of storage. Any data-driven business needs to store data, and these days, the amount of data is much greater than ever before. This is true for just about any industry: healthcare, media, financial services, energy, and of course the ever-important market of software-as-a-service. In any of these verticals, the cost of data storage presents a serious constraint.
That’s why David Friend and Jeff Flowers teamed up again recently to form […]