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sam® Dramatically Improves the Treatment of Soft Tissue, Arthritis and Joint Issues Without Requiring Surgery or Pain Medication

sam® provides effective and safe treatment of soft tissue, arthritis and joint issues without the need for surgery or pain medication. The wearable device does so by stimulating blood flow for several hours per day to a localized region, delivering a powerful flow of nutrients to the site of an injury. Read more >>

Sustained Acoustic Medicine Device sam® Offers an Alternative Solution to Pain Medication and Surgery

The advanced sustained acoustic medicine device (sam®) from ZetrOZ Systems offers physicians and orthopedic surgeons an alternative solution to pain medication and surgery for their patients. Medical providers can prescribe sam®, the only FDA-cleared long-duration ultrasound device, for prescription home-use to treat arthritis and soft tissue injuries. Read more >>

Think pain relief without meds: sam® Sport shows adjunct, ultrasound therapy at APTA meeting Feb. 15-18

Patients can heal from chronic conditions and recover from pain faster – without the need for meds – through a simple, unique adjunct therapy: portable and wearable ultrasound.
sam® Sport, made by ZetrOZ Systems, sustained acoustic medicine, will participate as a first-time exhibitor at the American Physical Therapy Association’s 2017 Combined Sections Meeting Feb. 15-18. Read more >>