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Some Things About Tech Were Good in 2017. No, Really.

An estimated 10 million Americans are blind or visually impaired, and until recently, tech companies did not have much to offer them. But that’s changing, thanks to start-ups like eSight and Aira, two companies that are taking advantage of recent advances in mobile and imaging technology to help visually impaired people navigate the world. Read more >>

Legally Blind Boy Given the Gift of Sight, Just in Time for Christmas

Angelo Yu, 8, loves to read but the 2nd grader has to hold books right up to his face.
That’s because he is legally blind, the side effect of a brain tumor.
Now, the young boy has gotten the best Christmas gift he could ask for, thanks to tech expert Katie Linendoll and her sister, Nadine, an oncology nurse practitioner.
Angelo’s gift arrived in a large box, a pair of electronic glasses called eSight. Read more >>

Productive Liaisons — Bringing Together Industry and Academia

Boston Harbor Angel members, Ziad Moukheiber and David Powsner, are the hosts of Failure – the Podcast, a podcast about about business failures, focusing on startups and emerging companies.
In episode five, Moukheiber and Powsner chat with Randall Wright, program director of the MIT Industrial Liaison Program. Wright shares his unique view of creativity and innovation in business and research. Tune in >>

New technology helps Odessa man with sight problems

A former Odessa High School student who is now attending college in Austin is not letting visual impairment get in his way.
In fact, thanks to new technology Nick Flores’ world has been opened up right before his eyes.
Nick has optic nerve atrophy (ONA) which causes his vision to be distorted and affects depth perception.
Fortunately Nick recently learned of a new device called eSIGHT, which has changed the way he sees everything. Read more >>

iCons Works at Fall Workshop

About 100 iCons scholars and applicants gathered in the Integrative Learning Center of UMass Amherst on Nov 9, 2017 for the annual iCons Fall Integrative Workshop. They came to hear Dr. Jonathan Thon tell the story of how his start-up company Platelet Biogenesis came to be. Integrated Concentration in Science (iCons) Program Director Justin Fermann introduced Thon to the crowd, telling the iCons students “we are here because we have work to do, and he’s got some problems we […]

Boston Harbor Angels Awards Portfolio Companies at Annual Meeting

Boston Harbor Angels, one of the top three elite angels groups in the US, recognized three portfolio companies at its annual end-of-year general meeting.
Exit of the Year Award: Corbus Pharmaceuticals on NASDAQ
Biotech Startup of the Year Award: Astrocytes Pharmaceuticals Inc.
IT Startup of the Year Award: Wasabi
The meeting featured interviews with Yuval Cohen, CEO of Corbus Pharmaceuticals and Mark Tepper, President & Chief Scientific Officer of Corbus Pharmaceuticals; and David Friend, CEO and co-founder of Wasabi.
The group also honored Mic […]