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Chronix provides update on studies & presentations

Chronix Biomedical, Inc., a developer of blood-based molecular diagnostics, is pleased to report the successful outcome of two pilot studies of its liquid biopsy test for assessing the response to treatment in different solid tumour types. Chronix’s tests use proprietary algorithms to derive a copy number instability (CNI) score from sequencing of circulating cell-free tumour DNA (cfDNA), which can be used in the prognosis, diagnosis and monitoring of therapeutic response to cancer. Read more >>

Using GSA Federal Contracts to Improve Campus Safety and Security

Regroup Mass Notification, the award-winning leader in emergency and day-to-day mass communication technology, today announced that it is joining forces with Triad Technology Partners, experts in IT service management software and government software sales, to present a live webinar on procurement through GSA Scheduled Contracts to improve campus safety. Read more >>

Sharp vision: New glasses help the legally blind see

The headsets from eSight transmit images from a forward-facing camera to small internal screens — one for each eye — in a way that beams the video into the wearer’s peripheral vision. That turns out to be all that some people with limited vision, even legal blindness, need to see things they never could before. That’s because many visual impairments degrade central vision while leaving peripheral vision largely intact. Watch now >>

Q&A: Premama’s appeal to new moms can be a crucial loyalty play

In the healthcare space, it’s a long-held tenet that the female heads-of-household, aka mom, is the primary purchaser of the OTC remedies and balms that cure whatever it is that ails you. So why not capture her loyalty from the beginning?
Premama is looking to do just that with a family of products that appeal to women and their spouses as they build a family, from trying to conceive through a successful pregnancy and the subsequent first years of infant […]

Always a Way to Get to a Smile!

The following post is from Ziad Moukheiber, CEO of Boston Harbor Angels.
A few months ago I started mentoring young students through BUILD, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth from under-resourced communities and propel them to high school, college and career success.  At first the task was daunting: getting a bunch of teenagers focused on a topic is a challenge, especially when most of them did not chose to be in […]

Space Startups Are Booming in the Mojave Desert

Inside a series of nondescript buildings in the ­driest desert in North America, an entrepreneurial enclave is chasing the next frontier of commerce. Explosions are routine. The science is complex. Brain power and ambition are high, as is danger. This cluster of 17 young companies at the Mojave Air and Space Port, 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles, is shooting for the moon—and beyond…
NASA officials scout Mojave for technology and commercial space partners, and rockets are launched by small […]

These high-tech glasses let the legally blind see

eSight is releasing a new product on Tuesday that helps blind people see. The glasses, which look similar to a VR headset, work for 4 out of 5 legally blind people and the company already has more than a thousand users.
Recently, CNBC watched a 9-year-old boy try them on and clearly see for the first time. Read more >>

A device that helps blind people see

These high-tech eSight 3 glasses are helping legally blind people see. The visor-like headset uses high-speed, high-definition cameras to capture what the user is looking at.The device uses algorithms to enhance the video feed, and displays the video through eSight 3’s OLED screens in front of the users’ eyes. Read more >>