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New techology offers area woman the hope of regaining sight

For the past nine years, Charlotte Baker has had one dream. Her vision is restored and her life returns to normal.
Normal would mean Baker working in her kitchen, preparing the Mexican food dishes that are her specialty. Or traveling with Ken Baker, her husband of 47 years. Seeing her children, grandchildren and now, a new great-grandchild.
She misses the ability to do even mundane tasks that she used to take for granted when she had her sight.
Cleaning the house and […]

Blind Jazz fan wears special glasses to watch game for first time

The Utah Jazz teamed up with Vivint to help super fan Landon Carter see his favorite team for the first time at Friday’s playoff game vs. the LA Clippers.The 7-year-old Carter is legally blind with a condition called aniridia. The Jazz are testing new technology called eSight to help visually impaired fans see the games when they visit Vivint HomeSmart Arena. Read more >>