Caribbean Angel Ecosystem is in Motion

Caribbean Angel Ecosystem is in Motion

The following post is from Ziad Moukheiber, CEO of Boston Harbor Angels.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Jamaica to attend the first Angel Forum for the Caribbean region.

The event was sponsored by many organizations including the Canadian Government and the World Bank.

I met some exceptional people and saw firsthand the energy of entrepreneurship in these markets. The ecosystem is taking shape and the collaboration among the different angel groups and nations will result in some interesting results. The goal is not to replicate a model that works in Boston, but to develop a local model suited for the culture and geography. Some of the challenges are specific to the region. For example, one of the members from Trinidad had to fly to Miami to come to Jamaica.

The Caribbean Islands are so close to the United States and have so much to offer that it is a natural step to increase collaboration with these markets.

Boston Harbor Angels is very happy to collaborate to help accelerate angel investing ecosystems in markets outside the United States.

Thank you to VA Angels!


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