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Helping The Blind To See

“eSight 3 is a game-changer for the legally blind. My entire career has been spent engineering sight-enabling technologies, so I can say with some authority that eSight’s world-class lab is the largest and best engineering team, anywhere in the world, that specializes exclusively in developing medical devices that allow the legally blind to actually see and be mobile,” the company say. Read more >>

Respiratory Motion Inc., is excited to announce the launch of the latest ExSpiron 1Xi™ Respiratory Monitor

Respiratory Motion, Inc., announced today its plans to launch the newest version of its ExSpiron 1Xi™ Minute Ventilation (MV) Monitor at the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) in Boston, October 21-25 following recent FDA 510(k) clearance. This new ExSpiron requires no calibration, which greatly expands its range of use. Physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, EMT’s and first responders can now easily assess and measure a patients breathing in seconds. Read more >>

BioPharm America™ 2017: Platelet BioGenesis generating platelets on demand

Platelets are the bandaids of the bloodstream. Every year more than two million people in the US receive platelet transfusions as part of cancer treatment, transplants and surgery. Unfortunately, platelets are at high risk of bacterial or viral contamination, and have a very short shelf life. We spoke to Sven Karlsson of Platelet BioGenesis, an exciting company and winner of the BioPharm America startup competition, that has developed a ex vivo system for generating immune compatible platelets on demand. […]