And Now … A Word from an Entrepreneur

And Now … A Word from an Entrepreneur

Boston Harbor Angel members, Ziad Moukheiber and David Powsner, are the hosts of Failure – the Podcast, a podcast about about business failures, focusing on startups and emerging companies.

A prior guest of the podcast likened markets to conversations. The entrepreneur introduces a product. The buying community accepts or rejects it. The entrepreneur tweaks and reintroduces the product. With luck, the buying community accepts it with more gusto. This back and forth, a conversation of sorts, continues until the entrepreneur and buying community reach “agreement” on what the product ought be.

Markets for venture capital and angel investment are no different. The entrepreneur pitches for funding. The investment community accepts or rejects the pitch. If the latter, the entrepreneur tweaks the pitch and tries again. With luck, some investors buy in. This “conversation” continues until the entrepreneur and investment community reach “agreement” on whether the entrepreneur and her company are truly fundable.

These conversations are not without friction. There are, after all, real people involved: entrepreneurs and investors alike. Join a discussion with Boston-based entrepreneur Daniel Barenboym as he vents about his experiences in raising capital among the investment community. Tune in >>


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