The Pros from Dover

The Pros from Dover

Boston Harbor Angel members, Ziad Moukheiber and David Powsner, are the hosts of Failure – the Podcast, a podcast about about business failures, focusing on startups and emerging companies.

Jack of all spades. Master of none. Sometimes an enterprise — whether a startup or a multinational — can’t or shouldn’t try to do everything. Product design for example.

If a company’s forte is … say … farm equipment, it ought think twice before getting into the baby products market, for example. Sure, maybe the latest wheat thrasher won the company accolades at the 2018 Iowa Power Farming Show, but unless the Mini-Me version for three-year olds has all the right edges taken off, lawsuits will fly. That’s where an industrial design firm comes in.

Listen to the team from Failure – The Podcast as they explore what a design firm can (and can’t) do to bring a company’s product dreams to reality. Tune in >>


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