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Study Indicates Bionic Knee Brace Designed for Osteoarthritis Reduces Joint Load Across the Entire Knee Offering a New Non-Surgical Option for Patients

A recent study by researchers at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) indicates that tricompartment unloader knee braces are an effective option for reducing forces throughout the knee, giving hope for a new non-invasive option to the 14 million-plus people across North America affected by knee osteoarthritis.
The study modeled various configurations of Spring Loaded Technology’s knee braces, examining their effect on the forces experienced in all three knee compartments. The findings will be presented publicly for the first time […]

Four technologies that could change the face of medicine

The field of electronic eyeglasses is another exciting example of how advanced technology can help manage conditions that once had few treatment options.
The eSight system, for example, is allowing many who are legally blind to see, using a device that resembles a virtual reality headset. The system captures high-definition video and then optimizes the images into a viewable format, adjusting the image depending on the user’s eye condition. Read more >>

Seeing a brighter future with eSight

Miracle Villanueva, who is 6 years old and blind, saw her mother for the first time on Thursday.
“I’m so excited and happy,” said Suzanna Emanuel, the mother of the aptly named Miracle. “She will have a better future to look forward to. In school she has a tough time, but these glasses will let her get an education.” Read more >>

Platelet BioGenesis Moves to New Cambridge Lab Space to Support Continued Growth

Platelet BioGenesis (PBG), the leader in the production of functional human platelets (PLTs+™) from stem cells and the development of platelet-based therapeutics, announced it has moved into brand new lab space in Cambridge, MA. Located next to MIT, the newly renovated property puts Platelet BioGenesis in the heart of the most dynamic biotech cluster in the world. Read more >>