Monthly Archives - August 2019

First Data adds new student loan reward benefit

First Data is offering a new benefit to 10,000 eligible employees to better enable them to pay down student loans. The financial services company is now allowing workers to earn performance rewards points to pay down their debt. The new program is offered in partnership with student loan benefit provider more >>

Myomo Announces Technology Licensing Program for International Markets

Myomo, Inc., a wearable medical robotics company that offers increased functionality for those suffering from neurological disorders and upper limb paralysis, today announced that it has launched a business development program to bring its proprietary MyoPro orthotic product line to a greater number of country markets outside of the United States. Read more >>

Angel-Funded Siamab Completes $202 Million Exit with Large Commercial-Stage Biopharma

Siamab Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing novel glycan-targeted cancer therapeutics, has entered into a strategic agreement valued at up to $202 million with an undisclosed, large commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company under which such company will develop and commercialize antibody-based products targeting a tumor-associated carbohydrate antigen (TACA) identified by Siamab’s proprietary TACA discovery platform. Read more >>