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A Crisis Like Student Debt Can Be An Opportunity For A Savvy Entrepreneur

…Laurel Taylor knew the problem firsthand. She is a former Google employee in Cambridge with a stellar credit score of over 800 and was offered a 9% interest rate on a student loan to finance her MIT Sloan MBA. Imagine what her interest rate would have been if she did not have a good credit score! And, how long it would take to pay back the loan. Read more >>

Lowell-based company to start clinical trials on new dental glue

The way we replace teeth and do dental work may never be the same thanks to a new, synthetic glue being tested by Lowell-based LaunchPad Medical. LaunchPad Medical was recently given approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to do a two-site, 20-patient clinical study to examine the safety and efficacy of the company’s bone adhesive biomaterial glue that could immediately stabilize those who have undergone dental implants for tooth extractions. Read more >>

Emovi, Inc. Receives $4.8 Million in Financial Assistance from Quebec Government to Support Expansion in the United States

Emovi, Inc. announced today they have received the support of the Quebec government with financial assistance of $4.8 million bringing their total funding for 2019 over $20 million. The investment is part of the BioMed Propulsion program administered by Investissement Québec and will be used to expand Emovi’s KneeKG into the US market. Read more >>

Euroson selects Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage as storage provider for Archive-as-a-Service offering

Euroson America, Inc., announces the launch of a new Archiving-as-a-Service solution which enables organizations to archive old and inactive data to the cloud at an affordable fixed monthly cost. There are no additional charges or hidden fees to ingest data, browse, copy, or retrieve data from the archive. Read more >>

Aircuity Participates in Creating NZE School

Howard County Public Schools set out to construct a 106,221 square foot net zero energy (NZE) middle school to replace an aging facility. The new building was designed to accommodate twice the student population while using half the amount of energy. In addition to the goal of being the first NZE school in Maryland, the project team was targeting a LEED® certification. Read more >>

UA scientists invent technology to help legally blind see better

A University of Arizona scientist helped create eyewear technology that is changing the way people with low vision see the world. Optical sciences professor Hong Hua, along with graduate student Jason Kuhn, invented a breakthrough optical technology that has enabled the creation of electronic goggles, called eSight 3, which project magnified images that are channeled through a person’s eyes. Read more >>