Yearly Archives - 2020

Venture firm that invests in SC reports record year, pumping $12.7 million into Southeast startups

One of the few venture funds making investments in South Carolina reported another record year in 2019, scaling up its capital outlays by 82 percent from 2018. VentureSouth, which is based in Greenville and has local chapters, focuses on promising companies in the Southeast, including Zylo Therapeutics. Read more >> "

Tech companies tackle safety issues with new devices

Safety for babies, bike riders, and curious kids are all on display at CES 2020 - Suffice it to say, there’s a lot -- a LOT -- of stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show. The product Landsdowne created to offset the dangers of ingesting a battery is called “ChildLok.” The company claims that, through deactivation, chemical burns, permanent tissue damage to the esophagus, and even death may be reduced. Read more >>

3Derm announces two FDA Breakthrough Device designations for autonomous skin cancer AI

3Derm Systems, Inc. (3Derm), a leader in the skin imaging and diagnostics industry, announced today that it has been granted two FDA Breakthrough Device designations for 3DermSpot, an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and highly standardized skin images to autonomously detect melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma. Read more >>