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Sustained Acoustic Medicine Technology from ZetrOZ Systems Endorsed By American Athletes, Veterans and Workers

Professional athletes, military veterans and everyday workers are getting back in action more quickly thanks to ZetrOZ’s Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) technology. In studies and testimonials, athletic trainers, veteran’s organizations, and worker health advocates credit the innovative, wearable injury healing and pain relief device for helping people regain function, while reducing the need for invasive surgery and potentially addictive pain medications. Read more >>

Elizabeth Banks on why she invested in popular canned-wine maker Archer Roose

Why she invested, in her own words — I first learned about Archer Roose while floating down a river in Utah. Which, frankly, is the perfect time to discover canned wine. I’ve always been a wine drinker. I’m not a collector, just someone who enjoys drinking wine with friends. And I don’t drink beer or hard seltzer—so expanding opportunities to drink wine—particularly good wine, just makes sense. I thought Archer Roose was really good and I loved the story […]

Startup: Zylö Therapeutics — Small company, big idea

Scott Pancoast believes he can put Greenville on the map with his company’s product, and he’s ready to take it to the world. Zylö Therapeutics is a technology startup that uses a silica powder, called Z-pods — very similar in consistency to talcum powder — to be the vehicle of transport for everything from pain relievers to pesticides. The Z-pods have far-reaching medical applications, as they’ve shown promise in promoting hair growth, treating acne, relieving pain, helping with erectile […]

Akston Biosciences Announces Positive Top-Line Data From Phase II Study of COVID-19 Vaccine in the Netherlands

Akston Biosciences, Inc. a developer of new classes of biologic therapeutics, today announced positive data from the Phase II clinical trial of its second-generation SARS-CoV2 vaccine candidate, AKS-452. The open-label study was conducted in the Netherlands and evaluated the safety, tolerability, reactogenicity and effectiveness of two 45 µg doses of AKS-452 with an adjuvant, given to 26 healthy participants ages 18 to 72, 28 days apart. In the trial’s second arm, a 26-participant cohort received a single 90 μg, […]

Taste Test: The Best Canned Wine to Try This Holiday Season

Yes, You Can Wine! – Back in the dark ages, wine lovers had to haul a bottle of their favorite vino to the big holiday dinner party. These days, smart sippers are leaving the bottles at home and bringing canned wine instead — or enjoying them at home. Archer Roose Bubbly–This brand of canned wines took top billing in a recent Wine Spectator article titled, “Is Canned Wine Growing Up?,” which noted that winemakers were putting “better, more interesting […]

Scrible Named Winner of the Inaugural 2021 Supes’ Choice Award for College and Career Readiness Solution

Scrible was named winner of the inaugural 2021 Supes’ Choice Awards for College and Career Readiness by the Institute for Education Innovation (IEI), an organization serving as the bridge between district leaders and organizations to support the greatest challenges in K-12 education. Scrible was also a Finalist in the Literacy Instructional Solution and Critical Thinking Instructional Solution categories. Scrible was selected by a panel of esteemed superintendent judges from across the nation and was assessed based on Scrible’s commitment […]

Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals Announces Appointment of Christine Gallagher to Board of Directors

Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals Inc., a drug discovery and development company developing novel cerebroprotective therapeutics for patients with brain injuries, announced today that Christine Gallagher has joined the company’s Board of Directors. Ms. Gallagher has over 30 years of experience as an investment banker focused on the life sciences industry. She is currently Managing Director, Equity Capital Markets at Truist Securities (formerly SunTrust Robinson Humphrey) where she is directly responsible for leading the planning, structuring and execution of equity capital raises […]

Regroup Mass Notification Announces Over 100% Growth for 2021

Regroup Mass Notification, the industry-leading provider of emergency and day-to-day communication solutions, announced today that the company enjoyed growth of over 100% over the course of 2021, as it closes in on its 16th consecutive quarter of exceptional performance. Based in Dallas, Texas, Regroup Mass Notification has evolved from a provider for higher education institutions to a leader in enterprise solutions, servicing healthcare, government, manufacturing companies and financial institutions. After experiencing substantial revenue growth in 2020, during a global […]