Boston, MA — Boston Harbor Angels, a leading angel investing group founded in 2005, is funding some of the most exciting startups with the intention of making the world a better place. While launching the hashtag #investingforabetterworld, BHA members have invested in industries covering a wide range, from cloud storage to stroke treatment to canned wine and disinfectants.

“Our members are seasoned professionals and investors backing some of the best startups”, says Ziad Moukheiber, President of Boston Harbor Angels. “We have a long list of incredible founders working hard to grow their businesses, many of which contribute to making the world a better place. We are industry and geography agnostic and cover a wide range of startups.”

“Boston Harbor Angels is my favorite angel group”, says David Friend, Founder and CEO of Wasabi Technologies, a cloud-based enterprise storage company, who just raised a $112 million series C funding round. David Friend founded many companies throughout his career, including Carbonite Inc. which went public in 2011. BHA investors have been backing Wasabi since its inception in 2017.

“Boston Harbor Angels have been a fantastic lead investor and partner to Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals,” says William Korinek, CEO of Astrocyte.  “Jeff Arnold, BHA’s lead representative to Astrocyte, was instrumental in leading a financing deal that had appeal across a broad range of investors, and the entire BHA group has been great in supporting Astrocyte and leveraging their expertise and networks.” Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals is a stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) treatment. Astrocyte Pharma raised a $6 million series A Round led by Boston Harbor Angels with a syndication of some of the best early-stage angel groups and Family Offices.

“We lead deals and syndicate with other groups, family offices and entities”, says Ziad. “Among the over 150 companies we back are companies such as Archer Roose, the canned wine company, Akston Biosciences which is developing a next generation Covid vaccine, as well as diabetes therapies, and FutureFuel a student debt repayment company. Both Archer Roose and FuturFuel are women-led companies.

Boston Harbor Angels launched the hashtag #investingrorabetterworld to encourage investors to think about how they can shape a better future through their investments. BHA invests in and encourages startups led by women and minority groups, knowing that economic strength lies in our diversity and inclusiveness.  During investor meetings you can often hear the question posed to founders: “How does your business make the world a better place?”

“We have experienced and seasoned members and fantastic founders”, adds Ziad. “Through our excellent deal flow, and our vision for how we can shape the future through our investments, we intend to keep Boston Harbor Angels one of the top boutique angel investing group in the US.”

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