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2021 U.S. COHORT & COMPETITION FINALISTS – MassChallenge’s 50th Accelerator Program

At MassChallenge, we support uncommon founders with an uncommon model. Our community-powered accelerator provides high-potential startups with the accountability, expertise and network they need to accelerate towards the next critical milestone. Each year, MassChallenge’s accelerator includes a competition in which startups from each cohort may compete for non-equity cash prizes. Today we are excited to announce the 45 startups that have qualified to compete in our final judging process for $1M in non-equity prizes. SCRIBLE is one of the […]

FDA Created New Category for ZetrOZ’s Long-Duration Pain Management Ultrasound Device

ZetrOZ System’s Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) device, the only FDA-cleared device of its kind, is part of a new category established by the U.S. Government for the novel device’s wearable, long-duration ultrasound therapy for home use. A Class II medical device initially cleared by the FDA in 2013, sam® was later provided with expanded indications in 2020. It is the only home-use, long-duration ultrasound treatment for reducing pain and improving circulation to heal soft tissue injuries. Read more >>

The Next COVID Challenge: Building an Arsenal of Vaccines

For months, international partners have pressured the United States about intellectual property (IP) concerns and access to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. As the country emerges from the worst of the pandemic, President Joe Biden now has an opportunity to shift his administration’s focus to realizing its longstanding promise of making the United States “the arsenal of vaccines for the world” (1). However, the country cannot accomplish that goal just by exporting mRNA vaccines and waiving IP protections. The current generation of […]

Elizabeth Banks explains how she is bringing her “cheekiness” to a new wine venture

Elizabeth Banks is among the busiest people in Hollywood. She’s an actress, producer, writer, game show host, director and, now, co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of Archer Roose, a luxury canned wine company. “Getting to drink wine, that’s the most exciting part,” she said with a laugh before explaining that the pandemic is what made her seek out new opportunities. Banks noted of the industry slowdown. “I was looking for female-led companies to be supportive of… to not just […]

Startups, be ready. Epicenter and SOE’s $10K pitch competition, The Next Big Thing, is back

In year one, Phillip Ashley Rix and his company, Phillip Ashley Chocolates, claimed victory. In year two, Lia Winter and her medical device business, Winter Innovations, took the top honor. Now year three is upon us, and the question remains — which local startup will follow in their footsteps, and be deemed “The Next Big Thing?” Called The Next Big Thing, it provides local startups and scale-ups the chance to compete for $10,000, as they make elevator pitches made […]

Tax perks nudging employers to help pay workers’ student loans

By next year, many large companies will likely add that perk for their workers, after they’ve had time to amend their IRS Section 127 Educational Assistance Programs, said Laurel Taylor, CEO of, a company that works with employers and individuals on student loan debt. More than 70% of employers provide tuition reimbursement assistance to workers, making that a more common benefit than a 401(k) match, Taylor said.
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Would Boston Harbor Angels Have Invested in Theranos: the Answer is, No

By Ziad H. MoukheiberPresident Boston Harbor Angels

Listening and reading about Theranos, I ask myself would Boston Harbor Angels have invested in the company?

The simple answer is no!

It is easy to say that in retrospect, however, there are some simple and fundamental reason why the group would have most likely passed on the deal.

The group invests in many companies that don’t make it or struggle but the culture of BHA leads me to say that Theranos would have not been funded by Boston Harbor Angels and this is why:

The […]