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Not Your Typical Wine Club: Archer Roose Promises Live Snakes as Perks for Customer Loyalty

The premium brand quickly backtracked, admitting it was all a prank in a cheeky campaign starring co-owner and CCO Elizabeth Banks. What consumer would single-handedly buy 100,000 cases of wine, even if there were a juicy reward waiting at the end? Probably no one. But what if that gift were a randomly-selected venomous snake? Still, no one? The intentionally ridiculous scenario sets up the latest campaign for Archer Roose…Read more >>

6 Things To Know About eSight Technology

Vision impairment is among the most common disorders people face around the world. It may not be fatal, but it has a massive impact on the daily lives of those suffering from it. On the bright side, 80% of vision impairments are curable and preventable, but this also means the small 20% is permanent, and those suffering from it must bear with the impairment for the rest of their lives. But if you’ve been keeping up with the news, […]

WLS Partners with Scrible to Help Washington State Schools Save Money on its Research and Writing Super App

Scrible, the super app that streamlines the research and writing process for students and teachers, announced today its partnership with the Washington Learning Source (WLS) to provide its members access to Scrible at a reduced price. WLS now offers Scrible’s paid Scrible Edu Pro Teacher Plan – along with accompanying professional development options – at a reduced rate for its member districts. Through the partnership, more teachers and students can use Scrible’s robust capabilities for teaching and learning the […]

Elizabeth Banks Apologizes For Latest Snake-Laden Rewards Program

Elizabeth Banks, Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Archer Roose Wines issued a retraction & replacement of ‘The Snake Rewards Program.’ “You win some, you lose some,” says Elizabeth Banks, Hollywood actress and Chief Creative Officer of Archer Roose. “Not everyone can appreciate truly great business ideas.” In lieu of mailing live snakes, Archer Roose announces the launch of a new loyalty program, Roose Rewards. The Roose Rewards program is a complimentary rewards plan, in which customers can accrue […]

Myomo Strengthens Intellectual Property Portfolio With Receipt of Key Patent in Japan

Myomo, Inc., a wearable medical robotics company that offers increased functionality for those suffering from neurological disorders and upper-limb paralysis, announces the granting of patent number 6998478 titled “Powered Orthotic Device and Method of Using Same” by the Japanese Patent Office. This new Japanese patent is part of a family of patents Myomo has been issued for its MyoPro device in the United States, Europe, China and Japan. This family of patents covers a powered orthotic device that supports […]

Elizabeth Banks’ Instagram snake giveaway is a game changer for celebrity wine marketing

The canned-wine company Archer Roose, its latest promotion: the Archer Roose Snake Rewards Program. Actor Elizabeth Banks — an investor in the company and its “chief creative officer” — announces that “running a sustainably sourced wine business is about giving back.” That’s why, she says, Archer Roose is offering a special giveaway. For every 100,000 cases of wine you buy, you’ll be sent a live snake. “Because we believe wine can make the world a better place. And you […]

New 372 Patient Study Finds That Common Soft-Tissue and Joint Injuries Are Treatable With SAM

A new research article on the last decade of clinical research concluded that sam®, the sustained acoustic medicine device from ZetrOZ Systems, is highly effective at healing tissue and reducing pain. The FDA-cleared sam® product family is a wearable, soft-tissue repairing and pain relief ultrasound device. It uses low-intensity, long-duration ultrasound at 3 MHz (above the audible range people can hear) to promote better patient outcomes than traditional ultrasound therapy applied in the clinical setting. By inhibiting inflammation and […]

Elizabeth Banks Announces New Archer Roose Snake Rewards Program

Today Archer Roose Wines and Elizabeth Banks, Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer, announce a new, first of its kind corporate rewards program. This innovative endeavor boasts a reward unlike any other — each customer who purchases a minimum of 100,000 cases of Archer Roose wine will be mailed a real, live complimentary snake of the company’s choosing. “What are the two things America loves the most? Luxury wine in cans. And snakes.” says Banks. “Coming up with a program […]