Interview with Ziad Moukheiber of Boston Harbor Angels

Interview with Ziad Moukheiber of Boston Harbor Angels

Interview with Ziad Moukheiber of Boston Harbor Angels

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Interview with Ziad Moukheiber, President of Boston Harbor Angels, on Angel Investing in 2024

**Interviewer:** Welcome, Ziad. It’s a pleasure to have you here to discuss the evolving landscape of angel investing in 2024.

**Ziad Moukheiber:** Thank you for having me. It’s an exciting time in the angel investing world.

**Interviewer:** To start, could you explain what angel investing looks like in 2024, particularly any major changes or trends?

**Moukheiber:** Absolutely. In 2024, angel investing has become more accessible and diverse. Technology has played a big role in this transformation. We’re seeing a wider range of investors, including younger ones and those from various backgrounds. The focus has also shifted significantly towards sustainable and socially responsible ventures.

**Interviewer:** That’s fascinating. How has Boston Harbor Angels adapted to these changes?

**Moukheiber:** We’ve always prioritized innovation. This year, we’re leveraging AI and data analytics more robustly to assess potential investments. We’re also actively encouraging and supporting women and minority-led startups, recognizing the unique perspectives and opportunities they bring to the table.

**Interviewer:** What advice do you have for new angel investors in 2024?

**Moukheiber:** First, educate yourself. The landscape is constantly evolving, so staying informed is key. Second, diversify your portfolio. Don’t just focus on one sector or type of startup. And lastly, engage with the startup community. Networking is invaluable in this space.

**Interviewer:** What sectors are particularly attractive for angel investors this year?

**Moukheiber:** Health tech and green technologies are very hot right now. There’s also a growing interest in educational technology, given the shifts in how we approach learning and skill development.*

**Interviewer:** What risks should investors be aware of in the current climate?

**Moukheiber:** Market volatility remains a risk, as always. Also, with the rapid pace of technological advancement, investors need to be mindful of the potential for disruption in various industries. Due diligence is more important than ever.

**Interviewer:** Finally, how do you see the future of angel investing?

**Moukheiber:** I believe we’ll see even more globalization of angel investing. Cross-border investments will become more common. Also, as technology continues to advance, I think we’ll see an even greater emphasis on tech-driven and impact investments.

**Interviewer:** Thank you, Ziad, for sharing your insights. It’s clear that angel investing is evolving rapidly, and your expertise offers a valuable perspective on its future.

**Moukheiber:** My pleasure. It’s an exciting time to be part of this ecosystem.


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