Letter from Boston Harbor Angels President

Dear Founders,

Thank you for reading this letter and for your interest in Boston Harbor Angels. Boston Harbor Angels has been investing in startups since 2004 and has a long tradition of supporting entrepreneurs.

We understand the challenge of starting a business and the risk you are taking. We are here to help. We also understand the need for investors to see a return on their investments in order to invest forward and make the world a better place one investment at a time.

Here is a short list of advice pertinent to the process of raising money from our group and any other angel investors:

  • Angel investors focus a lot on the entrepreneur, so please tell us about yourself.
  • Most investors will only remember one item from your first pitch.
  • Raising money is a long and arduous process therefore never be impatient, desperate or difficult.
  • The process at times can be very confusing, but don’t expect anyone to hold your hand, you are an entrepreneur after all.
  • Know your audience and prepare for that audience.
  • Dream and dream big.
  • Intelligent persistence is one of the most important qualities.

Good luck and remember, we are all on the same team!

Ziad H. Moukheiber
President and CEO, Boston Harbor Angels Inc.