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Today, Angel City Football Club (ACFC) announced Archer Roose Wines as the team’s Official Wine Partner. The partnership with the Boston-based luxury canned wine company stemmed from a shared value of supporting and elevating female trailblazers. Through the game-changing Angel City Sponsorship Model, in which 10% of every partnership is reallocated back into the LA community, ACFC and Archer Roose will benefit programs that promote inclusivity in sport. Read more >>

The Best Canned Wine for Every Palate (Whether You’re into Red, White or Rosé)

“We’re not wine snobs here, which is why we’re fully on board with the canned wine trend. They’re portable, easy to recycle and safe to sip poolside (without risk of broken glass). Not to mention some of the latest brands to hit the market are offering seriously great vino in those 250- to 375-mL containers. After sampling more than a dozen brands on the market—yeah, they call this work, and yeah, we’re hiring—here’s what we’re deeming the best canned […]

Talking Wine with Elizabeth Banks – Recycling Day

Elizabeth Banks knows all about wine. Specifically, she knows all about Archer Roose wine… How to enjoy it. What to pair it with. How to make a cocktail with it. Sometimes you go for the big swing, but it’s a miss. Elizabeth updates Archer Roose’s rewards program to be reptile free. Check out the real program at www.archerroose.com/pages/rewards. Read more >>

Ep. 818 Dollars/Grapes: Optimize Profitability Of On Premise Wine Prog. | Wine2Wine Sessions

Episode 818 Dollars and Grapes: How to optimize profitability of your on premise wine program, Marian Leitner-Waldman, Alicia Towns Franken These sessions were recorded through Swapcard at the Wine2Wine 2021 Business Forum and are being replayed here on the Italian Wine Podcast! Archer Roose Founder & CEO Marian Leitner and VP Wine Portfolio Alicia Towns Franken will speak about the benefits of alternative packaging (cans and kegs) and how these formats can be leveraged to drive profitability of bar […]

How a Canned Wine Brand Sells Through Story with Marian Leitner, Founder of Archer Roose Wines

Marian Leitner is founder and CEO of Archer Roose Wines, one of the leading canned wine companies in the US. Marian is on a mission to democratize fine wine by making the wine industry more inclusive and leveraging format to fit the lifestyles of modern consumers. – Marian discovered wine while living in Spain at the age of 15 – The idea for the brand comes from Marian’s love of wine and mission-driven brands like Warby Parker – Marian […]

Not Your Typical Wine Club: Archer Roose Promises Live Snakes as Perks for Customer Loyalty

The premium brand quickly backtracked, admitting it was all a prank in a cheeky campaign starring co-owner and CCO Elizabeth Banks. What consumer would single-handedly buy 100,000 cases of wine, even if there were a juicy reward waiting at the end? Probably no one. But what if that gift were a randomly-selected venomous snake? Still, no one? The intentionally ridiculous scenario sets up the latest campaign for Archer Roose…Read more >>

Elizabeth Banks Apologizes For Latest Snake-Laden Rewards Program

Elizabeth Banks, Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Archer Roose Wines issued a retraction & replacement of ‘The Snake Rewards Program.’ “You win some, you lose some,” says Elizabeth Banks, Hollywood actress and Chief Creative Officer of Archer Roose. “Not everyone can appreciate truly great business ideas.” In lieu of mailing live snakes, Archer Roose announces the launch of a new loyalty program, Roose Rewards. The Roose Rewards program is a complimentary rewards plan, in which customers can accrue […]

Elizabeth Banks’ Instagram snake giveaway is a game changer for celebrity wine marketing

The canned-wine company Archer Roose, its latest promotion: the Archer Roose Snake Rewards Program. Actor Elizabeth Banks — an investor in the company and its “chief creative officer” — announces that “running a sustainably sourced wine business is about giving back.” That’s why, she says, Archer Roose is offering a special giveaway. For every 100,000 cases of wine you buy, you’ll be sent a live snake. “Because we believe wine can make the world a better place. And you […]