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American pioneers bring vision of a more inclusive, innovative and sustainable wine industry to wine2wine Business Forum

Marian Leitner-Waldman, Founder and CEO of Archer Roose, one of America’s leading canned wine producers, and Alicia Towns Franken, VP Wine Portfolio at Archer Roose, will deliver two sessions on their vision for a more inclusive and sustainable wine industry, in person at the wine2wine Business Forum in Verona on 18/19 October 2021. Franken will focus on the democratization of wine, and Leitner-Waldman will discuss on-premise wine program. Read more >>

Elizabeth Banks explains how she is bringing her “cheekiness” to a new wine venture

Elizabeth Banks is among the busiest people in Hollywood. She’s an actress, producer, writer, game show host, director and, now, co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of Archer Roose, a luxury canned wine company. “Getting to drink wine, that’s the most exciting part,” she said with a laugh before explaining that the pandemic is what made her seek out new opportunities. Banks noted of the industry slowdown. “I was looking for female-led companies to be supportive of… to not just […]

We tested canned wines and picked out these four as the best

Canned wine is having a moment right now: According to the Wine Industry Advisor, the market share of canned wine (in relation to the larger wine industry) went up during the pandemic, and experts projected that by 2025, canned wine will make up 10% of the market. Archer Roose isn’t one vineyard, but rather a company that features different varieties of wine from around the world. The rosé is a white wine made from 100% Greek Roditis grapes that’s […]

Advice for Brand Leaders on Crafting Authentic Celebrity Collaborations

You know what they say, if it’s a day that ends in “y,” there’s a new celebrity liquor brand out. Well, maybe that’s not a saying, but nowadays, it should be. From Nick Jonas to Sammy Hagar to Post Malone to Kendall Jenner, the celebrity-branded liquor space gets more crowded by the day. Hollywood producer and actress Elizabeth Banks, for example, recently announced a partnership with a wine brand. More than just a brand ambassador, she, like Reynolds before […]

For More Inclusivity In Wine, Our Language Needs to Change

…As the wine world evolves to reach new generations and a wider range of people, so does the language used to describe it. Many have begun to break away from shared verbiage.

“I grew up in Chicago, where there is no ‘forest floor,’” says Alicia Towns Franken, vice president of Archer Roose and head of mentorship at Wine Unify. “If we want more people to drink wine, we have to include them in the words we use to discuss wine.” […]

Who Is The Star In The Archer Roose ‘Wine In A Can’ Commercial?

It’s summer, which means it’s time to pop open a cold one. A cold can of wine, that is — a concept that beverage crafter Archer Roose is offering for the first time this summer with their line of canned luxury wine. The vintner is now offering five different types of canned wine in three different price ranges, with a half-pack going for as low as $49 per type. They’ve picked a particularly amusing spokesperson to launch the product […]