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Elizabeth Banks risks wet white shirt in tight black pants for ‘a little challenge’

Elizabeth Banks poses herself “a little challenge” as she risks soaking her white shirt while wearing tight black pants. The movie star took a twist on the basketball beer challenge in a promo for drinks firm Archer Roose Wine. In her zany Instagram video, Elizabeth tries to catch a can of bubbly after dropping it to the ground. The first clip shows her seeming to easily achieve the feat and smiling proudly at the camera. She is seen racing […]

Pittsfield’s Elizabeth Banks Gives Hometown Shoutout in New Wine Ad

Elizabeth Banks isn’t shy about letting you know that her hometown is Pittsfield, MA. And why would she be? Anyone who came from the Berkshires should want to brag about these surroundings! Of course, we’ve seen Banks in plenty of movies and TV shows. We’ve seen her in TV commercials as well. But now there’s a brand new wine ad that has been making the rounds on the internet. Not only does she appear in the ad, but even […]

George Clooney had tequila, Ryan Reynolds gin. For female celebrities? Wine is in

Now a new wave of female stars are pushing into an alcohol that is in need of a boost: wine. Female celebrity-backed wine brands have looked to differentiate themselves from other wine offerings, highlighting concepts that are more in line with the desires of younger consumers. A short list of female stars who are partnering with vineyards and producers to market wines that aim to meet these evolving consumer demands includes Elizabeth Banks. Actress and producer Elizabeth Banks similarly […]

Constellation Brands Invests in Female-Founded Eco-Friendly Wine Brand Geared Toward New Generation of LDA Wine Consumers in Archer Roose

Constellation Brands’ investment in Archer Roose continues the company’s ongoing commitment to support female leaders across the industry through its Focus on Female Founders initiative and to meet evolving consumer preferences with this environmentally conscious brand. Read more >>

The 24 Best Canned Wine Releases of 2022

The canned wine market is being pulled in different directions. One way is chock full of affordable, mass-produced, widely available products of middling quality, often sharing shelf space with ready-to-drink cocktails and hard seltzers. Sales numbers continue to show that canned wines’ popularity is growing. Marketing firm Grand View Research reported the canned wine market in 2021 was at $235.7 million in sales and forecasted that the global canned wine market will continue expanding, surpassing $570 million by 2028. […]

The 10 Best Canned Wines of 2022

As time goes the demand for canned wine seems to rise. It saves space, is easy to transport, and doesn’t require any corkscrews or wait for wine glasses to be washed. And the best part is the wine never gets warm. In this article, we will discuss some of the best canned wines From dry red to wines that are crisp with a note of sweetness. There’s something for everyone. Archer Roose Sauvignon Blanc ($59 for 12 cans) – […]


Today, Angel City Football Club (ACFC) announced Archer Roose Wines as the team’s Official Wine Partner. The partnership with the Boston-based luxury canned wine company stemmed from a shared value of supporting and elevating female trailblazers. Through the game-changing Angel City Sponsorship Model, in which 10% of every partnership is reallocated back into the LA community, ACFC and Archer Roose will benefit programs that promote inclusivity in sport. Read more >>

The Best Canned Wine for Every Palate (Whether You’re into Red, White or Rosé)

“We’re not wine snobs here, which is why we’re fully on board with the canned wine trend. They’re portable, easy to recycle and safe to sip poolside (without risk of broken glass). Not to mention some of the latest brands to hit the market are offering seriously great vino in those 250- to 375-mL containers. After sampling more than a dozen brands on the market—yeah, they call this work, and yeah, we’re hiring—here’s what we’re deeming the best canned […]