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For More Inclusivity In Wine, Our Language Needs to Change

…As the wine world evolves to reach new generations and a wider range of people, so does the language used to describe it. Many have begun to break away from shared verbiage.

“I grew up in Chicago, where there is no ‘forest floor,’” says Alicia Towns Franken, vice president of Archer Roose and head of mentorship at Wine Unify. “If we want more people to drink wine, we have to include them in the words we use to discuss wine.” […]

Who Is The Star In The Archer Roose ‘Wine In A Can’ Commercial?

It’s summer, which means it’s time to pop open a cold one. A cold can of wine, that is — a concept that beverage crafter Archer Roose is offering for the first time this summer with their line of canned luxury wine. The vintner is now offering five different types of canned wine in three different price ranges, with a half-pack going for as low as $49 per type. They’ve picked a particularly amusing spokesperson to launch the product […]

Monday Stir

-A new ad for Archer Roose wine serves as a national coming-out party for the brand and introduces Elizabeth Banks as the company’s co-owner and CCO in a humorous way.


Investor Roundtable: The Fundraising Journey

Investor Roundtable: The Fundraising Journey

Hear firsthand from two founders, Laurel Taylor of FutureFuel.io and Marian Leitner-Waldman of Archer Roose about their journey to raise money for their ventures. Moderated by Ziad Moukheiber,   President of Boston Harbor Angels, this roundtable is a must for anyone looking to embark on a fundraising campaign and for those who teach and generate research around entrepreneurs          interested in venture capital to help accelerate their businesses.


Elizabeth Banks, Houseguest From Hell, Stars in New Ad for Luxe Canned Wine Brand

Elizabeth Banks is the houseguest from hell, clipping her toenails in the kitchen, rooting through bedroom drawers, raiding the refrigerator and, of course, drinking all the booze. This isn’t the plot of a big-screen comedy starring Banks and a hapless homeowner, though it could be a solid movie pitch. Instead, it’s a 60-second ad for Archer Roose wine that serves as a national coming-out party for the brand and an introduction of Banks as the company’s co-owner and CCO. […]

What career women can learn from actor-filmmaker Elizabeth Banks

“I felt underused. I just knew there was more for me to be doing,” the actress Elizabeth Banks once said about the Hollywood system. A lot of women feel this when sexism or office politics derails their careers. They can draw inspiration and specific pointers from Banks, who used her disenchantment as motivation to start her own production company in 2007 – Brownstone Productions…

This month, Banks diversified her financial bets. She became an investor in a woman-led wine venture […]

Elizabeth Banks joins canned wine company Archer Roose

Leading canned wine company Archer Roose announced that Elizabeth Banks will be joining their team as a co-owner and chief creative officer. Founded in 2014 by Marian Leitner-Waldman and David Waldman, Archer Roose was built on shared passions and values: lively conversations, craftsmanship and a belief that we must all do our part to build a better world. Read more >>