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The search for a pill that treats concussions

William Korinek loves professional football and, as a native Minnesotan who moved to New England in 1995, he roots for both the Patriots and the Vikings. But he won’t let his 11-year-old son, Jonah, play tackle football.
“It’s too risky,” said the 45-year-old molecular biologist.
Korinek is cofounder and chief executive of Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals, a Cambridge startup trying to develop a drug to treat concussions. Read more >>

Boston Harbor Angels Awards Portfolio Companies at Annual Meeting

Boston Harbor Angels, one of the top three elite angels groups in the US, recognized three portfolio companies at its annual end-of-year general meeting.
Exit of the Year Award: Corbus Pharmaceuticals on NASDAQ
Biotech Startup of the Year Award: Astrocytes Pharmaceuticals Inc.
IT Startup of the Year Award: Wasabi
The meeting featured interviews with Yuval Cohen, CEO of Corbus Pharmaceuticals and Mark Tepper, President & Chief Scientific Officer of Corbus Pharmaceuticals; and David Friend, CEO and co-founder of Wasabi.
The group also honored Mic […]

NFL’s New Concussion Pill Could Be Filled With CBD

Although the search for a concussion pill is merely in the “mouse model” phase, significant strides have been made by researchers. Dr. William Korinek, the CEO of Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals, believes such a pill can arrive as early as 2025. Dr. Kun Ping Lu, a doctor researching a possible medication to destroy compounds that cause brain damage, has a slightly-less optimistic time frame. He believes a possible pill could arrive within the next ten years. Read more >>

Drug for concussion, stroke found by UT scientist moves closer to human trials

Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals, the company Lechleiter founded with William Korinek of Boston, completed Monday its first round of financing that raised roughly $2.4 million in fresh capital. The fledgling company had $670,000 in seed funding from the federal government since 2014. Lechleiter hopes the drug, which is at least 7 years away from market, could be easily administered by any football coach or paramedic to mitigate the effects of concussions or strokes. Read more >>

Boston Harbor Angels Bet on New Frontier in Neuroscience

Boston Harbor Angels has invested in two neuroscience startups targeting stroke, TBI and Parkinson’s Disease, leading a $1.3M angel seed round in Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals and members investing in Neuraly.
Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a privately held drug development company dedicated to accelerating the recovery and well-being of brain injury patients. The company is committed to proving the neuroprotective benefits of selective astrocyte activation, and advancing breakthrough therapeutic agents for treating brain injury resulting from stroke, TBI, concussion, and neurodegenerative disorders […]

Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals Raises Over $1.3M in Seed Financing Round

Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals Inc., a CNS therapeutics startup, announced today that it has raised approximately $1.36M in a seed financing round. The company is developing novel small molecule drugs that limit neuronal damage in patients that have suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion.
The seed financing round was led by Boston Harbor Angels, and joined by the University of Texas Horizon Fund, SideCar Angels and others. Read more >>