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Robot Designed to Tunnel Through the Earth Incredibly Fast Using Plasma

If Cali-based startup EarthGrid has its way, downed power lines and faulty electric transformers may soon be a problem of the past. Science and tech pub New Atlas explained the company’s patent-pending process on Thursday and said the plasma boring robot it’s developing can dig underground tunnels as much as 100 times faster than the competition, all while costing about 98 percent less. “Imagine a robot with ten light sabers on the front, vaporizing through rock and soil,” founder […]

This New Plasma Boring Robot Can Dig Tunnels 100 Times Faster And 98% Cheaper

San Francisco-based startup Earthgrid is developing a plasma boring robot that can dig tunnels 100 times faster, and up to 98 percent cheaper than existing boring systems, a report from New Atlas reveals. The company aims to employ its technology to re-wire energy, internet, and utility grids in the U.S. Unlike conventional boring machines, which typically use massive cutting wheels to slowly excavate tunnels, Earthgrid’s robot blasts rocks with high temperatures to break and even vaporize them via a […]

Earthgrid aims to re-wire the USA using super-cheap tunnel tech

Bay Area startup Earthgrid says it’s developing a plasma boring robot that can dig underground tunnels 100x faster and up to 98% cheaper than existing tech, and it plans to use it to start re-wiring America’s energy, internet and utilities grids. You can do this without touching the rock walls at all, so the equipment can do entire tunnels without stopping if necessary. It can run entirely on electrical power, opening up the possibility of entirely emissions-free drilling, and […]