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eSight Announces New Partnership with Merlin Entertainments to Change Lives Around The World

Leading vision-enhancement platform, eSight, announces a new partnership with Merlin Entertainments, one of the largest attractions operators in the world. Together, the companies will provide multiple life-changing experiences for individuals with vision impairment. In addition, eSight and Merlin will work together to create more inclusive initiatives for future guests with low vision or legal blindness. eSight and Merlin Entertainments are working together to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences at Merlin Entertainments’ LEGOLAND® Parks, LEGOLAND® Discovery Center and SEA LIFE locations. Read […]

Technology helps visually impaired pianist in Massachusetts see music, audience

The sound of music coming from a home in Salem hits all the right notes, but the musician has a difficult time seeing them.Fournier was diagnosed with severe visual impairment at age 3. “It’s the optic nerve that’s wrong. The eyes themselves, that can be replaced, but the optic nerve was never developed properly,” he said. The device is on permanent loan from the Commission for the Blind, he received the eSight device in June. Read more >>

New technology is helping visually impaired pianist see his sheet music and audience

Fournier was diagnosed with a severe visual impairment when he was 3. “It’s the optic nerve that’s wrong. The eyes themselves, that can be replaced, but the optic nerve was never developed properly,” he said. For years, he used a pair of glasses that included a telescoping lens to help him read his modified sheet music, but that was of limited use. But new technology is offering Fournier “a whole new way of seeing.” The device is on permanent […]

Legally blind Bryan man details journey to 20/20 vision with technology

For Bryan resident Benjamin Murray, life is finally clear – but for the first 26 years of his life it wasn’t. He was born legally blind with optic nerve atrophy. “I was passed from doctor to doctor, ophthalmologist to ophthalmologist,” Murray recalled. In August 2015, he heard about a breakthrough technology called eSight, an additional pair of smart glasses that gives the visually impaired 2020 vision. It fits to a patient’s head and can be worn over glasses. Read […]

eSight Reaches New Milestone in Distribution, Availability of Advanced Low Vision Technology

Leading vision enhancement platform eSight announces it has grown its distribution network to reach more people with low vision than ever. The company now partners with more than 100 distributors, physicians and federal/state agencies to provide its low vision technology to people worldwide. eSight is now available in North America, Western Europe and the Middle East, with plans to continue its expansion into more countries. Read more >>

Legally blind Titusville woman uses high-tech camera goggles to see the world

Elledge, 66, who had polio as a child and is legally blind, suffers from optic atrophy. There is no effective treatment, and she can no longer see from her right eye. Elledge’s husband, Mike, served as “the gatherer” and “the gopher” who did all the shopping while she stayed with the cart. Distraught and frustrated, she asked Mike to try to find something to help her see. He searched online and found eSight. Read more >>