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Employers Boost Use Of Digital Tools To Stamp Out Student Debt

The student debt crisis is something of a ticking time bomb, and employers are increasingly stepping up by offering digital tools to help diffuse the problem. A growing number of employers are partnering with digital platforms—such as BenefitEd, Goodly, E*TRADE’s Gradifi, FutureFuel.io, IonTuition, PayForED, Savi, Summer and Vault to name a few—to help provide student debt relief to employees. Read more >>

Student Debt in the Time of Coronavirus

Thanks to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, plan sponsors can assist their workers in paying down student loan debt, tax-free. While the newly established $5,250 employer contribution limit is significant, the reality is that the aid can only do so much to reduce the massive student loan debt load carried by the U.S. workforce…When advisers understand the mechanics surrounding loan debt, relaying such knowledge to their clients can end up relieving at least some of […]

Employers Can Offer More Student Loan Repayment Help to Employees

The CARES Act allows employers to contribute toward employees’ student loan debt tax-free to employees, and employees need guidance on what they can and should do about deferring payments. Laurel Taylor, founder and CEO of FutureFuel.io in San Francisco, says the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act included two provisions that are critical to helping Americans with student loan debt. Read more >><a href=”website

Being an Underdog with Laurel Taylor

Underdog stories are everywhere — in film, TV, the news, and all manner of books. They are classic heroic tales about the ones no one bet on (and many bet against) coming out on top. Laurel Taylor is the Founder and CEO of FutureFuel.io. She learned to embrace being underestimated and treated that rejection as a catalyst for something more. Read more >>

Hundreds of Retail Brands Will Soon Reward Shoppers with Cash Back to Crush Student Debt

Simply shop online and automate cashback to your student debt, through FutureFuel.io’s platform. The platform, which helps users crush student debt, and was previously only available as an employer benefit, today announced it is partnering with more than 450 retailers to launch a first-of-its-kind program to help all student debt holders take action to pay down student debt faster. Read more >>