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FutureFuel.io Acquires College Finance Company to Expand Beyond Student Debt, Rebrands to Candidly

FutureFuel.io, the market’s most comprehensive student debt management platform, today announced the acquisition of College Finance Company, the leading multi-lender marketplace for education financing. The company also announced a complete rebrand of its corporate identity, including a new logo, updated visual brand elements, and a new company name: Candidly. Read more >>

Podcast 354: Laurel Taylor of FutureFuel.io and Sunil Sachdev of Fiserv

The guests on the Fintech One-on-One Podcast are Laurel Taylor, the CEO and founder of FutureFuel.io and Sunil Sachdev, the Head of Fintech at Fiserv. These two companies have partnered to tackle the student debt problem, by bringing tools, awareness, and scale in this unique partnership. In this podcast you will learn: How Laurel’s personal experience with student loan debt led to the founding of FutureFuel.io/Why Fiserv created a fintech group/Why it is important for Fiserv to tackle student […]

FutureFuel.io’s Laurel Taylor on the Student Debt Scourge and How Advisors Help

Student loan debt is a big problem that’s getting bigger, affecting multiple aspects of an employee’s financial life, retirement saving being just one. Laurel Taylor is doing something about it. The MIT grad and CEO of innovative fintech firm FutureFuel.io is out to CRUSH student debt in the workplace and beyond. Taylor joins us to discuss the scope of the problem, if it’s getting better or worse and how advisors can help. We also somehow drag the American Retirement […]

Core vendors seek to eliminate barriers in bank-fintech partnerships

The Milford Bank is a 149-year-old community institution in Connecticut trying to attract a younger audience. But there are limits to how extensively it can enhance its technological capabilities in-house or research, test and integrate products from potential fintech partners. With the help of Fiserv, its core provider, the $550 million-asset bank incorporated into its offerings the services of FutureFuel.io, which helps users manage their student debt. Fiserv has been quietly engineering connections between its bank clients and fintechs […]

Parents – Do you Or Your Child Qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness?

The Biden Administration’s temporary rule changes to the PSLF program are poised to impact hundreds of thousands of borrowers. “Since PSLF launched in 2007, only 16,000 participants have received forgiveness—but that’s not for borrowers’ lack of trying. Only 2.1 percent of applicants have been approved in the program’s lifetime, which critics say is the result of rampant mismanagement, unfair review practices, and an inadequate program design from the start,” says Laurel Taylor, CEO, FutureFuel.io, a platform designed to address […]

Salesforce-backed Bay Area entrepreneur strikes big deal to ‘crush’ student loan debt

Laurel Taylor, founder and CEO of FutureFuel.io, knows firsthand the opportunities and struggles that come with taking on large student loans to pay for college, so she created FutureFuel.io, a digital platform that helps borrowers manage their student loans. Borrowers using FutureFuel.io to enroll in federal repayment plans cut their monthly payments on average by $326, according to the company. FutureFuel.io also helps users generate funds to pay back student loans through services that allow companies to offer student-loan […]

FutureFuel.io Reaches New Student Debt Borrowers with Fiserv Partnership

FutureFuel.io, a technology firm that helps America’s 47.9 million borrowers crush their student loan debt, announced today a new partnership with Fiserv. This partnership will enable banks and credit unions to bring the FutureFuel.io student loan repayment platform to consumers, providing personalized, dynamic student debt management to millions of borrowers nationwide. Read more >>

Tax perks nudging employers to help pay workers’ student loans

By next year, many large companies will likely add that perk for their workers, after they’ve had time to amend their IRS Section 127 Educational Assistance Programs, said Laurel Taylor, CEO of FutureFuel.io, a company that works with employers and individuals on student loan debt. More than 70% of employers provide tuition reimbursement assistance to workers, making that a more common benefit than a 401(k) match, Taylor said.
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