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Targeting Ticks: Cornell-Housed Company Designs New Lyme Disease Test

“Current estimates say that approximately 300,000 people come down with Lyme disease every year, and that’s probably an underestimate,” said Dr. Joel Tabb, president and co-founder of Ionica Sciences in Weill Hall’s McGovern Center at Cornell. Dr. Tabb’s team at Ionica Sciences has developed a new and improved diagnostic test for Lyme disease. Read more >>

Rapid Lyme test developed at Cornell could be ‘major breakthrough’ in treatment

The test would quickly confirm the presence of the bacteria that causes Lyme, rather than waiting for weeks for a patient’s body to develop the antibodies that current tests detect, Cornell said. "It’s a major breakthrough, ”said Joel Tabb, president and co-founder of Ionica Sciences, the private company working on the test. Ionica is housed at Cornell’s McGovern Center, which serves as an incubator for businesses. Read more >>

Rapid Lyme disease test may be available in late 2020

The drawn-out process for diagnosing Lyme disease could become a thing of the past – good news for the thousands of people each year who get the tick-borne illness. A new detection test created by Ionica Sciences – located at Cornell’s McGovern Center life sciences incubator – has been sparked by a FuzeHub grant to begin moving from the laboratory bench into approvals, production and doctors’ offices. Read more >>