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Study finds sustainable alternative protein source for shrimp, salmon

Results from a recent study showed potential to lower aquaculture feed costs and provide a new sustainable alternative protein source.
A study showed results for the first time that a single-cell protein could replace a key ingredient in aquaculture feeds for fish and shrimp. The study looked at KnipBio Meal as a food for white shrimp, Atlantic salmon, and smallmouth grunts. Read more >>

A single celled replacement for fishmeal?

Large scale production of a single cell organism could reduce the need to use wild-caught fish and agricultural crops as the key protein ingredients in aquaculture feeds, according to a new study published in PEERJ today.
The study, entitled A Transdisciplinary Approach To The Initial Validation Of A Single Cell Protein As An Alternative Protein Source For Use In Aquafeeds, is the result of a collaboration between researchers at a Massachusetts-based biotechnology company – KnipBio, Inc – the New England […]