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Landsdowne Labs CEO Lauds New “Button Battery” Packaging Law; Anticipates Safer Batteries

With the recent passage of “Reese’s Law,” aimed at safer packaging of small button batteries used in millions of electronic devices, “Congress has taken an important step toward protecting thousands of children from ingestion injury and death. The next step may well be to make the batteries themselves less harmful.” So says Melissa Fensterstock, the CEO of Landsdowne Labs, LLC, a Fairfield, CT startup that is developing a battery coating designed to avert potentially dangerous bodily reactions should a […]

Landsdowne Labs Awarded Competitive NSF Grant to Develop Novel Battery Coating

Landsdowne Labs, LLC, a spinout from the laboratories of MIT and Harvard scientists Drs. Robert Langer and Jeffrey Karp, has been awarded a $256,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to further develop and design a novel battery coating to help prevent injury and reduce risk to the thousands of children who ingest batteries each year. “Every year, thousands of children swallow ‘button batteries’ —small, high density, coinlike batteries increasingly used in consumer devices,” said Melissa Fensterstock, the […]

CT Lab Hopes to Decrease Dangers of Ingested Button Batteries

Inside thermometers or even your key fob, batteries power up a lot of our everyday lives. The Poison Control says more than 3,500 people in the United States swallow button batteries every year which can cause disastrous, even deadly, outcomes. “This should not be a problem. Children should not be passing away or harmed from ingesting batteries,” said Melissa Fensterstock, the co-founder and CEO of Landsdowne Labs, which rents space on Fairfield University’s campus. Scientists in that Connecticut lab […]

New Tech Could Protect Kids From Harmful Effects of Swallowing Tiny Batteries

New technology could protect children from the harmful effects of tiny batteries found in common everyday devices like remotes and toys. According to Poison Control, when a child swallows a button battery, the tissue in the esophagus creates a current, causing an alkaline burn similar to ingesting Drano. In a worst-case scenario, the battery can erode into a blood vessel. Scientists in Fairfield, Connecticut, are developing ChildLok — button battery technology designed to deactivate batteries after they’ve been accidentally […]

Tech companies tackle safety issues with new devices

Safety for babies, bike riders, and curious kids are all on display at CES 2020 – Suffice it to say, there’s a lot — a LOT — of stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show. The product Landsdowne created to offset the dangers of ingesting a battery is called “ChildLok.” The company claims that, through deactivation, chemical burns, permanent tissue damage to the esophagus, and even death may be reduced. Read more >>