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Wasabi Technologies $15.00 million Fundraising. David Friend Submitted Jul 24 Form D

Wasabi Technologies, Inc., Corporation just filed form D announcing $15.00 million debt financing. This is a new filing. Wasabi Technologies was able to sell $10.77 million so far. That is 71.78 % of the financing round. The total offering amount was $15.00 million. The private financing document was filed on 2017-07-24. The reason for the financing was: unspecified. The fundraising still has about $4.23 million more and is not closed yet. We have to wait more to see if […]

The Big One

Wasabi Technologies, the cloud storage startup started by Carbonite’s founders, just raised a $10.7M convertible note, according to new Form D filing. Having previously raised $8.9M from angel investors, the company launched earlier this year as a faster and cheaper competitor to Amazon’s popular S3 service. Read more >>

Why immutable buckets are a worthy risk management tool

Immutable means that the user cannot delete files under any circumstance. There is no ‘admin privilege’. Even at Wasabi, no one person can delete the data. For instance, if a customer fails to pay their bill, it’s a big process involving multiple people having to simultaneously ‘turn their keys’ to delete an abandoned immutable bucket”, Friend says.  Read more >>

David Friend Interviews WBZ Radio

A day after the latest ransomware hit computers and corporations around the world, some companies are still trying to recover. David Friend the CEO and co-founder of Boston-based Wasabi, which is the hot storage company that delivers cloud storage shared what company’s can do to protect themselves from ransomware – the only way to safeguard the data is to take a copy and put it up in some kind of a safe cloud. Read more >>