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Patient-Derived Organoids Transform Precision Medicine

Advances in cell culture techniques don’t just mean more accurate models, but more personal ones. For decades scientists have been trying to figure out how to grow cells, especially diseased ones, directly from patients, not only to better understand the mechanisms at play, but also to determine the best approach to cure or correct the malfunction. Today, scientists can grow human tumors in a variety of designer mice, some with human immune systems. Read more >>

XYLYX BIO releases highly physiologic 2D substrates for improved antifibrotic drug discovery

New York-based Xylyx Bio, a leader in advanced disease models, today announced the release of normal and fibrotic NativeCoat™ human lung- and liver-specific ECM substrates for antifibrotic drug discovery to increase predictiveness of high throughput screening and improve evaluation of efficacy of biopharmaceutical drug candidates for hard to treat fibrotic diseases such as IPF and NASH. Read more >>

Allevi Partners with Xylyx Bio to Create Liver Specific Bioinks

...Only a handful of researchers and companies around the world are tackling liver-specific bioinks, and one of them is now Allevi. The Philadelphia-based biotech company has now partnered with Xylyx Bio, a pioneer in physiomimetic biomaterials, to introduce new tissue-specific bioinks with Decellularized Extracellular Matrix (dECM). Read more >>