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ZetrOZ Shares Insights for Providers and Patients Seeking Insurance Coverage on Novel Medical Technologies for Advanced Treatments

New medical technologies bring better outcomes to patients and more efficiency to the U.S. healthcare industry, but some insurers and care providers slow its adoption, according to ZetrOZ Systems, a leading innovator and inventor of sustained acoustic medicine for soft tissue injury healing. With more than 100,000 patients treated, George K. Lewis, Ph.D. and CEO of ZetrOZ Systems said, ZetrOZ has learned that a key to winning insurance provider approval of novel medical devices and therapies is thorough advance […]

US Veterans and Injured Workers Find Injury Solution With sam® Sustained Acoustic Medicine Treatment

Sustained acoustic medicine, or sam®, is a non-invasive ultrasound device from ZetrOZ Systems used to treat soft tissue injuries and arthritis. The U.S. Federal Drug Administration cleared sam® for clinical use in 2013, but many health care providers are just now discovering the many benefits it provides to treatment and recovery efforts. The sam® pain relief device has helped thousands of patients, including U.S. Veterans and Active Duty Members, regain mobility and reduce pain from common overuse injuries and […]

ZetrOZ Meets Demand for sam® Wearable Ultrasound Soft Tissue Healing Device With Process Assessment and U.S. Manufacturing

As businesses return to normal operations with much more limited staffing, they can also expect to see workplace injuries increase, requiring employees to get specialized medical treatments or devices – which may be delayed or unavailable due to peaking supply chain logjams and regulatory challenges. ZetrOZ Systems, makers of the sustained acoustic medicine sam® device, is prepared to meet patients’ needs through careful advanced planning and multi-site U.S. manufacturing. ZetrOZ’s sam® is the only FDA-cleared, long-duration, home-use, ultrasound device […]

New 372 Patient Study Finds That Common Soft-Tissue and Joint Injuries Are Treatable With SAM

A new research article on the last decade of clinical research concluded that sam®, the sustained acoustic medicine device from ZetrOZ Systems, is highly effective at healing tissue and reducing pain. The FDA-cleared sam® product family is a wearable, soft-tissue repairing and pain relief ultrasound device. It uses low-intensity, long-duration ultrasound at 3 MHz (above the audible range people can hear) to promote better patient outcomes than traditional ultrasound therapy applied in the clinical setting. By inhibiting inflammation and […]

ZetrOZ Systems’ Sustained Acoustic Medicine Treatment Showcased at Big Sky Athletic Training Sports Medicine Conference

ZetrOZ Systems will showcase new clinical research on its Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) wearable ultrasound device at the 2022 Big Sky Athletic Training Sports Medicine Conference on Monday, January 31, in Bozeman, Montana. In a session titled “New Approaches in Mechanobiology: Sustained Acoustic Medicine,” Dr. George Lewis, founder and CEO of ZetrOZ Systems, will discuss the evolving field of low-intensity, long-duration ultrasound therapy, recent clinical outcomes, and a new systematic review and meta-analysis on the medical technology. Read more […]

ZetrOZ Signs 5-Year Agreement With US Government to Supply Employees and Military With SAM Technology

ZetrOZ Systems has recently signed a 5-Year Healthcare Federal Supply Schedule Agreement to provide U.S. government healthcare institutes with its sustained acoustic medicine (sam®) device and hypoallergenic ultrasound coupling patches. The $3.4 million contract covers military bases and hospitals, veteran healthcare hospitals, and employees of the FBI, CIA, DOL, postal service, and other U.S. departments and agencies operating both in the United States and abroad. “We’re proud to play our part in getting and keeping our federal employees healthy […]

Sustained Acoustic Medicine Technology from ZetrOZ Systems Endorsed By American Athletes, Veterans and Workers

Professional athletes, military veterans and everyday workers are getting back in action more quickly thanks to ZetrOZ’s Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) technology. In studies and testimonials, athletic trainers, veteran’s organizations, and worker health advocates credit the innovative, wearable injury healing and pain relief device for helping people regain function, while reducing the need for invasive surgery and potentially addictive pain medications. Read more >>

ZetrOZ Proudly Continues Sponsorship of Connecticut Whale Women’s Ice Hockey

ZetrOZ Systems, developer of the sam® sustained acoustic medicine device, is proud to announce its continued support of Danbury’s professional women’s ice hockey team, the Connecticut Whale of the Premier Hockey Federation. For the second consecutive year, ZetrOZ is supporting the Whale and women’s hockey with its wearable ultrasound technology that revolutionizes soft tissue injury healing. The ZetrOZ pain relief ultrasound device delivers long-duration slow-release ultrasound and promotes healing without the need for potentially addictive painkillers or invasive surgery. […]

ZetrOZ Systems Expands Patient Access for Sustained Acoustic Medicine Treatment

ZetrOZ’s sam® is the only FDA-cleared, long-duration, home-use, ultrasound treatment system, with over 30 peer-reviewed studies showing it effectively increases nutrient transport, relieves pain, restores function, and returns patients back to work, sports and other daily activities. Its continuous ultrasound therapy promotes injury healing to deep tissue by inhibiting inflammation and increasing the rate of tissue regeneration, angiogenesis, and nutrient exchange. sam® was designed for easy, long-term home use. Read more >>