What Industries?

Industry Agnostic #investingforabetterworld

Boston Harbor Angels has been, since inception, industry agonistic with a focus on exceptional founders and entrepreneurs who have the passion and persistence to grow their businesses and make the world a better place.

Life Sciences

Boston Harbor Angels has expertise and has invested in various areas of the Life sciences industry including, drug development, small molecules, medical devices, diagnostics, digital healthcare and other areas of the Life Sciences industry.

Information Technology

Boston Harbor Angels has expertise and has invested in most of the areas of the Information Technology industry including, storage, artificial Intelligence, robotics and other areas of Information Technology.


Boston Harbor Angels has invested in the FinTech industry and has expanded its focus on the FinTech industry

Consummer Products

Boston Harbor Angels has invested in many consumer goods companies including, cosmetics, food and beverage, protective high-tech materials, insulation and many others.

Alternative Industries..

Boston Harbor Angels focusses on supporting and helping passionate founders therefore the group has funded founders in various industries that might not be mainstream in the angel and startup ecosystem.

Other Areas of Interest and Hot Focus

other areas of interest for the group also include cannabis, AgTech, CleanTech and sustainable clean technologies.