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Boston Harbor Angels, like a lighthouse, helps entrepreneurs navigate and grow their start-up businesses through the treacherous waters of an increasingly competitive environment in our global economy.

Boston Harbor Angels is a group of proven business leaders interested in investing a portion of our assets in high-growth, early-stage companies. Since 2004, our portfolio has included companies in information technology, life sciences, consumer products, business products, services, specialty materials, aviation and more. We believe we contribute more than just money to the companies we fund. We welcome the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs who are open to taking advice, yet have the smarts and determination to make their company successful.


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With Datacastle acquisition, cloud storage company Carbonite looks to grow in Seattle

Carbonite became one of Seattle’s latest arrivals with its acquisition of Datacastle earlier this year, and it’s evaluating expansion plans as it eyes the amount of cloud computing talent in the region. Read more >>

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