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Second-generation vaccines offer a chance to correct flaws in early vaccination campaigns

…The vaccine candidate known as AKS-452, from Massachusetts-based Akston Biosciences, is one promising example of a jab which could address vaccine inequity and vaccine hesitancy alike. Following promising Phase I trial data which found that AKS-452 was safe, well-tolerated, and achieved a 100% seroconversion rate even after a single 90 µg dose, the vaccine candidate is now undergoing Phase II trials in the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) in the Netherlands. Read more >>

More accessible Covid-19 vaccines and community engagement key for rural areas

…Fortunately, many of these challenges may be alleviated when second-generation Covid vaccines come on the market. One candidate currently in Phase II trials, Akston Biosciences’ AKS-452, is shelf-stable for six months at room temperature and can even withstand temperatures up to 37°C for one month. Crucially, this allows the jab to be transported and stored for months without refrigeration. Read more >>

Second Wave of COVID-19 Vaccines Could Resolve Vaccine Inequity

There’s one significant ray of hope for those frustrated by vaccine inequity: second-generation coronavirus vaccines are currently showing promise in clinical trials, many of which may prove highly effective as well as cheaper and easier to distribute around the world. The AKS-452 candidate produced by Massachusetts-based Akston Biosciences, for example, recently entered Phase II trials at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands. Read more >>

mRNA deals will not solve Africa’s vaccine shortfall, but the second generation of vaccines may

…One especially promising option for overcoming sub-Saharan Africa’s logistical constraints is currently being trialled by Massachusetts-based firm Akston Biosciences, whose shelf-stable vaccine candidate entered Phase I/II trials in the Netherlands earlier this year. Akston’s AKS-452 vaccine has already shown positive results in initial analyses, producing a robust antibody response to strains of Covid such as the alpha and gamma variants. Read more >>

Todd Zion, PhD, CEO and Repeat Founder, “Magical Proteins”

Welcome to Angel Invest Boston, conversations with Boston’s most interesting founders and angels. I’m Sal Daher, an angel investor who is very curious to find out how to best build really great technology companies. Today, I am privileged to have with me as my guest, Todd Zion. Founder of Akston Bio, which is a very interesting company. Todd is a successful second-time founder. He had an exit to Merck, a $500 million exit to Merck of a diabetes therapy, […]

Akston Biosciences Doses First Subjects in Phase II Clinical Trial of Second-Generation Protein Subunit COVID-19 Vaccine

Akston Biosciences Corporation, a developer of new classes of biologic therapeutics, announced today that the first participants have been dosed in a Phase II open-label trial of AKS-452, its protein subunit COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Fifty-two volunteers will receive either one- or two-dose regimens as part of the Phase II trial conducted at University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands. Read more >>

Akston Biosciences Announces Commercial Supply Agreement of Seppic’s Adjuvant to Formulate Akston Shelf-Stable COVID-19 Vaccine at Global Scale

Akston Biosciences Corporation, a developer of new classes of biologic therapeutics, today announced a commercial agreement with Seppic S.A., a supplier of specialty healthcare ingredients, for the supply of adjuvant for use in Akston’s COVID-19 Fc fusion protein vaccine candidate, AKS-452. Read more >>

Amid surging Covid-19 cases, second gen vaccines raise hopes across the Asia-Pacific

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees sounded the alarm at the beginning of this month on the rapidly deteriorating circumstances of refugees and asylum seekers in Asia…

After the first spate of vaccine approvals at the beginning of this year, a slew of new vaccines will not only bolster global supply, thereby improving access, but also offer an improvement on extant vaccines…

One such second-generation vaccine, produced by US-based Akston Biosciences, is especially well-suited for hot regions such as ASEAN […]