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Gift of Sight: Tammie Caldwell

The local Lions Club has helped Tammie Caldwell see better than she has in 20 years.
Last month, Caldwell received a pair of new electronic eSight glasses after the Raymondville Lions Club helped raise $15,000 to buy them.

Blind WI mom tries on glasses to see, hopes to read to kids

A mother in Wisconsin hopes to one day be able to read to her children. Right now, it’s difficult for her to do that since she is legally blind.
Stephanie Geiger from Grand Chute was diagnosed with Cone Rod Dystrophy at the age of 24. It’s difficult for her to see depth perception, certain colors, and details.
Recently, she got to try out eSight eyewear which uses high optics and resolution procession to improve eye sight. […]

Fundraiser being held in Ashley to give the gift of sight to Michael Stanek

For 30-year-old Michael Stanek , the chance to see is “overwhelmingly generous.”
A fundraiser for Michael, who has been legally blind from birth, will be held from 1 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Ashley Fireman’s Park on Ashley Street.
“To think people would do something like that,” Michael said of the event organizers, expressing his gratefulness.
Organizers look to raise $15,000 to allow Michael the chance to buy eSight — a high-tech eyewear device that enhances whatever the user is looking […]

New technology helps legally blind Independence boy see

An Independence family is working to raise money so they can get new technology that will help a legally blind boy see.
Corbin Wolfe has been through a lot in his seven years of life. He was a mini preemie, born weighing 1 pound, 14 ounces. He’s had 86 surgeries.
“He’s a miracle,” his mom, Jennie Braden, said.
Braden found eSight while researching online. The company came to Kansas City to do a demo, and the results stunned her. Read more >>

Troy students raise funds for blind professor who lost home in fire

Troy professor Joseph “Joey” Arnold got a phone call three weeks ago and was told that his home had burned to the ground.
His insurance is paying for the house, but it won’t cover something very important to Arnold: a device that helps him see.
Arnold is blind in one eye, and the other eye has a visual acuity of 20/800. The device, eSight, improves his acuity to 20/60.
Students at Troy University, led by the Greek community, set up a fundraiser […]