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Legally blind Manchester man seeks help for goggles that will change his life

Mark A. Littlefield was born legally blind. After 57 operations to both eyes, the Manchester resident said he gained some sight, but the world has remained a blur for his 45 years.
That all changed last week, when he ventured to Massachusetts to try on a pair of eSight glasses — and clearly saw Sasha, his wife of three years, for the very first time. Read more >>

Regroup Forges New Partnership With Inova Solutions

Regroup Mass Notification, the award-winning leader in emergency and day-to-day notification technology, and Inova Solutions, a leading provider of visual emergency communication solutions, have entered into a new integration partnership to facilitate mass communications powered by both organizations’ superior technology. Read more >>

Start-Ups Set to Pitch at AgTech Nexus 2018

Agribusinesses, investors, and tech companies will gather next month to learn about innovations and investment opportunities in the ever-changing and exciting ag tech sector. Attendees of AgTech Nexus USA, which will be held in Boston on June 6 and 7, will gain market knowledge, understand the current trends impacting deal flow in ag tech, and learn from intriguing discussions led by industry leaders. KnipBio to participate. Read more >>

The Unlocking of Vision

The eSight glasses are electronic glasses that have a high speed and high resolution camera in the middle of the frame that captures and collects everything a user looks at in real time. Even though the glasses are expensive, they allow people to see life from a different perspective. The glasses come with a remote control that allows the camera to zoom in. Read more >>