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Boston Harbor Angels Hosts Gavea Angels of Brazil

Boston Harbor Angels, one of the top three elite angels groups in the US, will be hosting Brazilian angel group Gavea Angels on Thursday, April 6, 2017. Gavea Angels, a leading Brazilian angel investment group, has organized a “Investor’s Week in Boston” to promote and establish connections between the angel communities in Brazil and the US. In addition to the Boston Harbor Angels, Gavea Angels will also visit universities such as Harvard and MIT, the Cambridge Innovation Center and […]

Donors help Barrington boy gain sight

Jon Paul Corman tried on his new high-tech glasses Thursday and had just one word to say: “Wow!”
In front of the third-grader’s eyes was a set of eSight Eyewear: a camera, a powerful computer and LED screens that help legally blind people see images in real time. As a company representative showed him how to use the technology, Jon Paul gazed around the hotel meeting room, swiveling his head to see his mother’s face, a laptop, a camera. Read more >>