Monthly Archives - June 2017

“What Grinds My Gears” Investor Edition

There are many great resources about what you should do as a presenter pitching your startup to a group of investors. I decided to take the opposite approach, offering advice on what not to do as a presenter. We polled several prominent investors across the Boston area about “What Grinds Their Gears” as an investor hearing startup presentations. As a startup founder, please keep these tips in mind when presenting to investors and use their guidance to help perfect […]

JDRF Invests in TetraGenetics’ Innovative Approach to Type 1 Diabetes Prevention

A unique scientific approach to preventing, treating and, perhaps one day, curing type 1 diabetes is being coupled with JDRF’s equally innovative approach to funding such studies in a new partnership that might move the promise of a preventive therapy and improved treatment for the condition closer to reality.
“This is a very targeted therapeutic approach to addressing type 1 diabetes,” says Dr. Ted Clark, the Chief Scientific Officer for TetraGenetics, a company that has been working for the past […]

A Conversation With Jonathan Naft, CPO

In this issue, O&P News poses five questions to Jonathan Naft, CPO.
Naft is the president and founder of Geauga Rehabilitation Engineering Inc., and the vice president and general manager of Myomo Inc. He is an American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics (ABC)-certified orthotist and prosthetist. He is also an electrical engineer and biomedical engineer. Read more >>