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What Are Investors Looking For?

The following post is from Antonette Ho, Group Operations Manager at Boston Harbor Angels.
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As fundraising is an area that entrepreneurs often have questions about, the Summer Venture Program invited three investors to share their side of the story. We were privileged to have Natalie Bartlett of General Catalyst/Rough Draft Ventures; Ziad Moukheiber, CEO of Boston Harbor Angels; and Jason Frishman, Founder of NetCapital provide their insights. The three panelists represented “Investors of […]

Brisbane boy needs $25k for US trip that could give him whole new outlook

Now the Geoghegan family is hopeful that new technology will allow Max to finally see the big cats at Dreamworld, and everything else he has missed out on, but it is rare and expensive.
eSight glasses are available in the United States, Canada and Europe, but not in Australia. They contain a high-quality camera which projects the wearer’s view onto two small screens in front of the person’s eyes, through a live video feed. Read more >>

City Council Approves Purchase of Mass Notification System

The city of Kirksville, Mo., will soon be using a new mass notification system to warn local residents about emergencies in the area.
The Kirksville City Council approved the purchase of a mass notification system from ReGroup during its meeting on Monday at City Hall. The agreement is a five-year deal and will cost the city $6,500 for the first year and $5,500 for the subsequent years. Read more >>