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Student Debt’s Devastating Impact on Retirement Saving: GRPAA Conference

Fintech and 401k-related ancillary services were front and center of the Global Retirement Partners Advisor Alliance (GRPAA) annual conference in Haines, Alaska. Laurel Taylor, the founder of, began with a stark illustration surrounding student debt, a crushing issue with which many Americans currently wrestle. It wreaks havoc with so many other financial planning and saving goals, and she was called to address the problem due to personal experience. Read more >>

Young Blind Girl Miraculously Gains Sight at LEGOLAND in Goshen

... The fun day at LEGOLAND was supposed to be the beginning of a new chapter for the family, but little did Arianna know that a truly life-changing present was waiting for her inside the gates of the park. LEGOLAND officials and eSight secretly teamed up to surprise the 11-year-old with a gift that allows her to finally see clearly. Read more >>

How Employers Can Help With Student Loan Debt

...Laurel Taylor, CEO and founder of, a technology platform that works with clients on student debt management and repayment needs, says she has noticed that some employers took up a provision of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act that allows plan sponsors to make $5,250 of tax-free contributions per employee toward eligible education expenses, including tuition or student loan assistance, without raising an employee’s gross taxable income. Read more >>